Saturday, September 29, 2012

When I was just a little girl..

It's gonna be October soon! I am gonna turn 26 years old!

Time really flies because I don't feel 26 at all! The big 3-0 is looming closer and closer. OMG.

My Emama still keeps pictures of me when I was younger.. Thank God cos next time during my wedding montage video I have something to put in. Hahahahaha!! Here are some pictures my cousin Zeng sent me.

Messing around in my dad's office at Aged 3.
Love the polka dot sofa please!! Mad nice!
I remember the bear was bought by my dad on a business trip..
He brought home a box of soft toys for me and clothes that couldn't fit me cos  he don't know how or what to buy. But hey! He made an effort! I was 4 years old! :) Happy memories!
Pardon the unglam pose and the tacky umbrella
I was in the Salvation Army for a few years.. 
I look like a drag queen in this. Why the hair so ugly!! Must be my mother. Tsk.

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