Sunday, February 9, 2014

LOTR Marathon!

Yesterday we went to Jpot at Tampines One for a steamboat lunch. After lunch we went back to our place for a movie marathon! We decided to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy after we watched had watched Hobbit part 1 at our place  to refresh our memories before we went to the cinema to watch part 2 together a few months ago.


Before our movie marathon, it's YUSHENG time! Wany's mum bought the ingredients and made it for us! She said her mum goes to this shop in Geylang to buy all the supplies.. I'll go there with Mama Chew next week so we can also stock up on Yusheng supplies. YAY! I can have more Yushengs!! Woohoooo!

Le hubby bought the box set a few years ago and it contains all the cut scenes and extra footage not shown in the cinemas! Woohooo! So fun! It's been many years since we caught the shows in the cinemas so there were many scenes that seemed "new" to us. 

We took a break after watching part 1. There were some leftover ingredients for the Yusheng so we put it in a small glass bowl for round 2 mini lou-hei! Hahahahha! And we used forks instead of chopsticks!

Wany is smiling here but Nat is with his usual act cool face..

So she pinched him and he smiled too! LOL! These 2 are so funny lah!

I went to the kitchen and came back seeing these 2 boys up to no good..


I thought Le hubby is weird, but Nat is as weird as he is!! I was scolding Le hubby and asked him not to anyhow mix stuff and eat and he said "It's nice mah....", then Nat jumped in and said "Yah!!! Mix all the food! YAY!". Wah lao eh.. Defending each other's weird combinations of stuff they put in their bread.... One of it was coconut, nutella, peanut butter & kong bak (braised pork) all together! So me and Wany sat at one side of the table and drew an imaginary line in the middle dividing the weirdos (Brendan & Nat) and the normal people (both of us).

Juice blending time!

Afterwards we decided to have some fresh juice! I showed them the new Hurom slow juicer we bought and blended some fresh fruit juices.. well, both of them had a great time playing with the machine.. as you can see. Hahahhaha!

Yummy juices!

Juicing with the slow juicer is really better than the conventional juicers. You can google about the benefits and differences. It's much easier juicing 4 carrots and drinking it then chewing 4 carrots and swallowing them. Cheat way to getting my vegetable intake! :)

Group pic with the family!

We went back to watch LOTR part 2 and after the movie we came out to the living room to play "Just Dance 4" with Le hubby's little cousins while the adults were chatting and watching us dance. Super fun!!! I might have went a bit crazy dancing (cos I'm super competitive when it comes to games), and the funny thing is that the xbox records our dance moves!! HAHAHHAHA! I think Le hubby saved some in his xbox, but unfortunately he said it can only be played in the xbox and he can't extract it. Oh wells!

It was really late after we finished, so we will be watching part 3 next weekend! Yay! It's fun to have movie marathons together at home! :)

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