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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I love Yusheng!

I just realized that all my recent 3 posts are about Yushengs! I guess you can say I have a Yusheng obsession. It's not because of the "good luck" or CNY superstitious that I like it.. I like it because it gives me happy memories. 

Memories of me running around my dad's old seafood restaurant and helping out at the Yusheng counter kiapping the ingredients onto the plates and making neat little mountains of shredded carrots, memories of my family having lou-hei together before my parents' ugly divorce, memories of me eating the only veggies I'll ever eat in the entire year.

I never liked to eat vegetables.. I was a chickenivore. All I ate was chicken chicken chicken. My friends said I ate so much chicken, it's like I have a vendetta with them.. Wany once asked if I was a worm in my past life who got eaten by a chicken and vowed to come back as a human and eat them all up. (She's weird sometimes.. hahaha!) The only time I will willingly eat vegetables is during CNY when there's Yusheng! 

In fact, my parents kept trying ways and means to force feed, bribe, coax, whatever method, to make me eat vegetables. I can't remember how long I hated them, but my earliest memory was way back in Nursery 1 where during lunch time I picked out the vegetables and put them in my neighbour's bowls or throw them under the table. LOL! 

Once my dad put a $500 note on the table and dared me to finish a plate of Kailan. My siblings were dying to volunteer and eat it for the money, but my dad said I have to finish the plate to get the money (cos they both eat veggies). They begged me to eat it so I can bring them out shopping, but I still refused.. despite how much I love money. I have principles ok! You can't force me to do anything I don't want to do.

Now? Now I do eat vegetables because of Le hubby. The amazing power of love huh? He doesn't really force me to eat, but he encourages me nicely. I am still picky about veggies though, so though I eat veggies now, I am a selective eater. So for those veggies that I don't like, he will let me dump them on his plate and he'll help me finish them.

THANK GOD I MARRIED A NON-FUSSY EATER! I can't imagine living with a husband that is as picky or even fussier than me.

I used to be terrified to join his family for dinner at his place because his maid will cook always veggies and Mama Chew will kinda force me to eat by asking me "Why are you not eating veggie? It's good for you!". She actually notices what I put on my plate and tries to kiap food onto it! Damn pressurizing.. Then Le hubby will smirked and grin at me with the "Haha! You must eat it yourself!" look. Wah laoooo.

Now it's easier cos she knows I've never loved veggies from young but I am making an effort to learn how to eat, so she's more lenient with me now. She even buys the veggies I like when she goes to the market! My favourite is broccoli! And sometimes we have broccoli for 5 times a week cos she knows it's my favourite! Heeheehee! I have an awesome mother-in-law! Couldn't ask for more. 

Today I bought Yusheng over to our cellgroup for a lou-hei session!

Wheeeeee! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Asher the cellgroup baby!

Le hubby giving Asher angbao! ^_^

Asher cleaning up the place.. He loves holding the mop and cleaning! My kind of baby! Hahahhaahah! He's only 1years+ so he's starting young to be a neat boy! Good good!!

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