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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kwong Cheong Thye - Yusheng supplies!

Last week Wany came over to our place armed with lots of Yusheng supplies that her mum bought to make us a home made Yusheng.. so I asked her where her mama bought the stuff so I can go with Mama Chew to buy them for ourselves! 

The shop's name is Kwong Cheong Thye Pte Ltd and it's located in Geylang.

There's lots of sauces and marinades for sale too!

But we made a beeline for the Yusheng shelves! WOOHOO! 

You can buy the pre-pack versions with all the ingredients inside. Or you can buy them separately in bigger portions! So many many many stuff! The prices are quite reasonable and the staff are also very friendly. Wany's mother said they supply to many restaurants and hotels in Singapore, so buying from them is sorta like 'wholesale' Yusheng cos it's basically the same stuff but without the nice packaging and boxes (also the marked up prices).

Mama Chew bought LOTS of the crackers. That's her favourite part of the Yusheng (I actually like the carrots and wintermelons more than the rest), so she bought 2 huge packets. It's massively big and she's still worried it's not enough. -__- She even mentioned she might be going back to buy more before the end of CNY.

I think I met my match.. she's more of a hoarder than I am. Hahahhahaa!

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Yamato Zenshi said...

Hi are they still selling after cny period?? I would like to buy some!