Thursday, February 13, 2014

CNY dinner with my ex-colleagues!

Had dinner with my AMEX ex-colleagues yesterday night! The last time I saw them was at my wedding! They all attended both the church ceremony and my wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt. :) Super happy to see them again! And we got to lou-hei! Yusheng again! WOOHOO!

They have also all left the American Express Travel. Priscilla & Pamela left together to another corporate travel company while Mandy joined UOB Travel. I am still enjoying life as a housewife/bummer/recovering patient but I will be starting my new job next Monday! God blessed me with a new job which offered me a higher pay and better working hours than AMEX! Woohooo!

Mandy & Me!

Priscilla & Pamela!

They ordered so much food.. it's scary we managed to finish!!
We went to the coffeeshop near Lighthouse Tampines to have zchar! The food is not bad. Each of us paid around $50 for everything. Not super cheap, but it's worth it for the crabs and the fish.

We got a Big Sweep ticket and they insist that I keep it because I am newly married and have more good luck than all of them... LOL! It's bullshit lah. I never believed in such things so I don't think we will win anything. We shall see next month! Hahahahah!

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