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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinese New Year Day 2

Recently a lot of people have been sending around pictures of money stacked on top of horse. It literally translates to "have money immediately". 

So Mama Chew created her own version and put money on top of her horse plushie. She is super happy her horse can finally be used cos it's the Year of the Horse... it was sitting in the corner of the house and she asked Tita to wash it 2 weeks ago. I thought it was grey (it was that dusty!!!) but after washing it, it's actually green!!!! Amazing lah!

This morning we went to visit Ah Gong! (Mama Chew's father). He is the only grandparent left. He's a man of little words so we just sat with him for a while before leaving. We left for Mama Chew's Godma house before heading over to her friend's place. Binged on so much tidbits and food!!! (◎_◎;)

Afterwards we went our separate ways.. Le hubby and I went to my dad's house to pass him the CNY goodies we bought for him. We only sat for a while cos everyone there was gambling and it felt more like a mini casino. Kinda awkward sitting at the sofa with Le hubby looking at the TV cos both of us don't like watching tv shows. Chatted with my dad for a while and played with their dogs before leaving. 

My sister was in LA so there's no one to accompany us. My brother was there and he introduced his girlfriend to me. My brother and I didn't had a very good relationship when we were younger because my mother overly doted on him and it caused a rift between us. Even so, he is my brother and I am glad that he is studying hard in NUS now and his girlfriend looks like a very decent and sweet girl. We don't really interact much (in fact we don't even talk or contact each other), but whenever he sees me he looks genuinely happy to see me and will give me a hug. That's nice.. and that's as good as our relationship can get, I suppose.

Actually I blame my mother for all that's fucked up in our lives. We could have grew up together and lived together in the same home.. but we ended up living apart and drifting further apart. I only grew closer with my sister during the past 2 years. See my emo post here.

My dad has his share of blame but majority is my mother's fault. The only good thing she did for me was not to abort me when she was pregnant with me inside of her. I sorta learnt how to block out the existence of my parents unless absolutely necessary (i.e: CNY, asking them to attend our wedding..) I don't think about them and I just pretend that I am an orphan with no living relatives (except for my sister). 

They are not that old until I will have that "What if they die and I regret not having a good speaking relationship with them?" thinking yet. Maybe in 20 years time I might have that kind of thoughts.. but not now. I don't care and I don't want to care. My mother is only 20 years older than me and my dad is 28 years older.. So they are still super young, considering how big their children are now.

Oreo (the maltese) was my 18th birthday present from my dad.. which means he is 10 years old this year! Wow! How time flies.. Even though he has not seen me in a super long time, he still remembers me! He came over and sat on my lap and licked me non-stop.

Our last stop was to UE Square to collect a free Yusheng that Le Hubby received from some Salmon company. They sent him a voucher and all he has to do is to call in advance to let them know he's coming to pick it up! No strings attached! And it's from Tung Lok! Crazy expensive.. which I guess most of the money goes into the packaging cos the box is really solid.

Woohoo! 3rd Yusheng and it's only Day 2!

First layer is the veggies

Second layer of the box is the sauce, fish & crackers!

ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)

In the end only 4 of us had the Yusheng cos the rest were out and wasn't having dinner at home.. Kuakuakua. But it's alright! There will be more Yushengs to share!! Yipppeeee!

So how's your Chinese New Year so far? ~ヾ(^∇^)

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