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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peggy's Wedding Dinner at Holiday Inn

Peggy is my ex-colleague from CTC Holidays and she's still working there now. 

She and her hubby registered their marriage on 17th May 2010 and they finally had their wedding dinner! I've waited more than 2.5 years for this dinner! Haha! I was invited to their ROM buffet gathering back then and was honoured to accept their invitation for the wedding dinner today at Holiday Inn.

She looked very beautiful in her gowns! Very different from the usual her cos she doesn't like to dress up! Guess it's true that every bride looks gorgeous on their wedding day! :)

Group picture!

Love this picture with Le bf. :)

With my ex-colleagues from CTC

The whole CTC group who attended the wedding.

I declined to go on stage to take a picture with them even though the bride insisted cos:
  1. I'm no longer working there
  2. I don't like some of the people up there
  3. I don't feel comfortable being in a group picture with them
Reason being, some of them are backstabbers and gossipers and I've learnt to stay away from them. Even standing in close proximity to them makes me uncomfortable and irks me. I've been stabbed so many times by some of those bitches, I don't even want to see them.. let alone be in the same picture as them.

Some of them were drunk (free flow alcohol.. cheapo bastards) and were so rowdy! They turned the wedding into a CTC Dinner & Dance instead of a wedding. Well, the bride didn't seem to mind, so who am I to comment..  Seeing their behaviour made me realized how unhappy I was when I was working there. Perhaps it's me, not them. I'm unable to fit in such a toxic environment so I left.. and I am much happier now. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to leave for greener pastures.

There were a few super dodgy characters who kept coming over to my table and tried to dig information out from me.. The usual "Where are you working now?", "Is this your boyfriend?", "What are you doing now?", "Where you stay now?".. before going back to their tables and sharing the information and gossiping with the others. Standard protocol which I am all too familiar with, so I just smiled and act deaf and ignored them politely. First time they were ignored, they came back again, after the third time of being snubbed, they know best not to come and bother me anymore. Silence is golden.

Le bf and I left early to avoid any chance of me bumping into people I don't like and being forced to be polite to them.

Actually when I received the invitation (2 weeks before the wedding cos the bride says she can't contact me), I was contemplating to decline going.. but I thought about it and told myself not to let people I don't like spoil my mood and prevent me from going to a wedding of someone I really liked. So the only reason I turned up, despite knowing there will be a big gathering of people I don't like.. is to give face to the bride and give her my blessings.

I didn't want this post to turn into a rant but somehow it did. Sigh.

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