Monday, December 10, 2012

Brendan bought a Netbook for me!

His friend is selling it and since he didn't need it, he asked her to quote a price and I don't know how but he ended up paying $50 for this! Very good deal cos it looks very new and I don't think $50 can get you anything really good these days.. Fantastic buy! :)

The outer shell is a very sweet shimmery pink and I love it! He said it's useful for me to bring overseas to blog and upload pictures onto FB when we go on our holidays. Awwww.

This way I won't fight with him to use his work laptop, and I don't need to bring mine along cos it's quite heavy. ^_^ Actually I'm a bit stressed when it comes to using his laptop cos there's so much important work documents inside and what if I accidentally crash it or something? You never know lah! I am so accident-prone!

Anyways, big big thank you to Le bf! He's keeping it safe for me (see? He knows I spoil things easily) and he's gonna do some modifications to it.. install some games, upgrade memory or something... Yay!

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