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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Party 2012

Just a short post before I go to sleep.. Very very exhausted right now.. Yesterday night I spent the night at Ah Mah's wake with Le bf, his sisters and a friend of Cheryl's..

We left around 8am and by the time we bathed and got ready, it was nearly 9am!

We needed to be at Nat's house by 2pm but both of us were so exhausted, we slept and ignored the alarm clocks.. I woke up around 1.30pm but I still need to prepare cos I am bringing food over for the party.. Made the Korean BBQ Pork and Spaghetti, called Wany for help to buy the salad, packed up everything including all the presents and Le bf cheong drive us down. Reached around 3.30pm and we could only stay till 6pm cos we need to rush back to the wake for the prayer rites thingy.. Today was the shortest party we ever had! 2.5hours only!

Real live Christmas Tree and the presents for gift exchange!

I love the fairy lights and the blue ribbons! I thought he bought too many decorations but turned out his tree is so big that they look just nice! Not too many to clutter up the tree! He still thinks it's not enough and wants to buy more stuff to put on the tree. Someone please strangle him! The tree is gonna die soon and he still wants to buy more stuff to add onto it!

This year I spent the most on Xmas presents! Though I only receive very few back, but it's the joy in giving that counts.. not receiving. 

The Christmas feast! 
Nat bought the turkey and mashed potatos.. 
Joyce made mango pudding
Wany bought the salad
I made the pasta and BBQ pork

Yaya bought a cake to surprise Meimei!
It's Joanna's actual birthday tomorrow!

Make a wish!

Happy girl cutting the cake~! Mango mango!

Birthday cake contributed by Yaya & Joyce! :)

Gift exchange time! 

Yaya bought lovely handkerchiefs for everyone!
Wany got the heart-shaped one!

I got the polka dots! I love polka dots! Le bf is stripey! Matchy!

I bought Nat a special "Thank you for hosting" present. Inside the package are his favourite Penguin themed items. ^_^

Also gave the rest their Christmas presents but no chance for photos cos everything was in a rush! We had to eat, exchange presents, cut cake all in 2hours! Crazy crazy!

Had lots of fun though it's such an express whirlwind party! Hope to have a proper makeup party/gathering soon!


mister.zee said...

A Christmas Tree will never look cluttered coz Christmas is about filling up with memories n wonderful things! Plus the decorator is a natural!

Jasmine Tay said...

WAH LAO!! Now then I saw your comment. Self praise is no praise ahhhhhhh