Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Birthday MeiMei!

I am gonna start calling her MeiMei from now instead of Pui.. Cos Pui means fat and if I keep calling her that, it's kinda like cursing her to be fat forever? Whatever theory it is, I will try my best to call her Meimei as much as possible. Le bf already started calling her Meimei from Day 1, but when we are alone and talking about her, he will refer to her as Pui cos he knows that's what I call her. For eg: "Later we go fetch Pui?".. then he will call her and say "Meimei, get ready. We coming over now..". He switches so easily lah!

I am so happy that I get to celebrate my sister's birthday with her on her actual day! Last year we also got the chance to celebrate together on her actual day though I only gave her the birthday present one month later! Yay! 2 years in a row!! :)

She always saw me instagram about yummy food at Equinox and wanted to go there for high tea too.. So Le bf and I brought her there to celebrate her birthday. :)

So proud of my baby sister! She's currently studying Business Admin in NUS, her grades are good, her dress sense is impeccable and she's still the sweet little sister that I know! No bad habits like smoking, drinking or clubbing. She is focused on her studies and did not let BGR drama affect her A Levels - though she suffered and had a hard time last year cos her bastard ex-bf broke up with her weeks before the finals.

All I have to say is, people who cheat on their partners will not come to a good end. Karma will come back and bitchslap them and return back twice the hurt they inflicted on someone that loved them. For the ones that got hurt, don't give up on your faith.. love comes to those who believe it. You are worthy of someone better, someone who treasures you and will never compromise that love.

Alrighty.. back to happy stuff.. The high tea we had with Meimei is more expensive than usual.. At first I thought why there's more new dishes (Roast Turkey, ham, log cake, etc) until I saw the bill and it says "Christmas High Tea" or something. Tsk. But it's nice to have some variety and I'm glad Meimei got to enjoy the Christmas special edition. :)

Meimei got a surprise birthday cake too! :)

Group picture time! ^_^
Thank you Le bf for paying for the meal! Heeee!

Pic in the lift heading to the carpark.. Le bf sent her home and we both went home to sleep cos we were so exhausted from the late nights at Ah Mah's wake. This morning was the Chu Bing and we went to Kuan Ming Shan at Bishan to cremate Ah Mah's body.. Went home to bath before heading to Swissotel to meet Meimei for the hightea. Thank God the timings were right and we did not need to cancel on Meimei.. 

Following pictures taken at Nat's Xmas Party yesterday.. Meimei want her present early cos she can't wait! :)

Present from the both of us.. 
Le bf just paid half. I did the buying cos I know what she likes. Haha!


Laying out her present.. We got her bunny birthday card, a Tarepanda organizer (and I personalized it with some of the important dates), stickers for the organizer, a Miffy coin/ezlink pouch, and a ultra cute bunny pillow case which I don't think she will use cos she's so lazy. We shall see.

How cute is this? She better use it cos this pillow case costs a lot more than I expected to pay for, but it's too cute to resist!

I also got her a AMEX Imagine prepaid card with SGD120 value loaded inside. Minimum was SGD40, but I topped up extra for her. I thought this is cooler than giving her cash. :) Also, I spent over 1 hour to write her a long personalized message in a birthday card I bought from Perth (separate from the one I shared with Le bf). Told her I will kill her if she lose this card. Now she cannot complain she no money to take train/bus cos SGD120 can last a few weeks. Hahaha! She can also use this as a credit card if she buys stuff.

Hope you enjoy your birthday Puichi! ^_^ Love you always!

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