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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!

 Merry Christmas everyone!

Le bf stayed over at my place last night.. guess what we did when the clock strike midnight on Christmas Eve? We were in separate corners of my room playing Heroes Might & Magic. LOL!

Well, in case you think our relationship is stale and boring and we are heading to Snoozeville, you're wrong. We are able to enjoy each other's company without interacting with each other. I think that's a boss level achievement. :) I did scoot over to his side and gave him a Xmas card (super sweet ok? I spent a long time writing) and he was kinda sheepish that he did not prepare anything for me, but it's alright cos I specifically told him I don't want him to spend money on anything for me.. 

Actually, he has spent a bomb on air tickets for me! We are flying off next week for a long holiday before returning to Singapore then fly off to Tabby's wedding in Penang! Where are we going? SURPRISE! :P I will reveal on the day before we fly! Heehee!

This morning we went to church and it was my first Xmas drama! Had a great time praying and worshiping God.. then we went to Great World City with Le bf's 2nd sister, Cheryl and bought some food back home to eat! Our version of Christmas lunch at Le bf's house! :)
There's a cake waiting for us at home! 
Le bf's neighbour bought it for them! So sweet lah!

Below are some pictures of Brownie aka Money posing in front of Mama Chew's Christmas Tree. These was actually taken a few weeks ago before I added in the purple ribbons and pearl birds. Money is very camera shy but he happened to be stretching in front of the tree and did not notice the phone in my hand.. Heh heh!

There's no countdown party this year unlike the year before at my Boon Keng house, but I had a fun time at Nat's house! At least we had our annual Christmas party before he flew to Korea for his holiday!

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