Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Had lunch at Intercontinental's Fu Man Yuan. 
The food is not bad, but very pricey.

Place was practically empty when we arrived..
Wanted to go to Ion Orchard but they were full. :(

Ordered a few items and the bill came up to almost SGD100.. T_T" Crazy expensive.. At least the custard baos are nice! It's fried like mini-mantous.

Brought Chloe out and she was super happy.. :)

Expressions of her happy face!

I brought her to do her dental scaling (Cost me SGD300++.. FML), and while waiting for her, Le bf and I went to Great World City's TCC to drink coffee..

Picked her up and she's kinda grouchy. =X

But she cheered up after Le bf let her sit on the driver's seat. LOL!

Le bf is staying over tonight and we're going to church together tomorrow for the Christmas Drama! We're gonna play Heroes 2 Might and Magic now.. he downloaded it on my laptop and he brought his laptop so we're gonna see who clears the campaign first! ^_^

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