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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Joyce's Birthday Celebration at Swissotel Stamford

Yesterday we had a birthday celebration for Joyce at Swissotel! Our plans were to have High Tea at Equinox, than check into our room at 5pm followed by an after high-tea party with the rest of the "San Ba Fu Nu Club"!

Yaya was supposed to join us but she had something on at the last minute so it's just me, Le bf and Joyce!

Joyce kept going "Wahhhhhhhh..." at the desserts. Hee! 

Surprise birthday cake!

She forbade me to sing loudly, so I whispered the song. So sad.


Too bad the only pic of the 3 of us were blur. Hai. Lousy waiter.

We checked in and everyone else arrived! :)

We were upgraded to the Harbourview room! Woohoo!

Silly Le bf doing the bunny face grin.. 

Joyce playing with the Xmas decor that Nat bought for his Xmas tree! He ended up buying a live tree (yes, alive! OMG) and spent a bomb on accessories! 

Somehow even with bags and bags of shopping, he managed to buy the birthday cake that I instructed him to buy for Joyce. I gave him a budget of $50 and he went to his favourite shop to buy for her.. I think he went down personally to the shop which was out of his way to buy the cake. Wahhhh.

We hide the cake under his shopping bags, which is a blessing in disguise cos he had so many bags that Joyce did not suspect that one of them is the birthday cake. Hahahahahahaha! Then we sneaked off to the toilet to prepare the candles for Joyce while the rest are engrossed in watching "White Chicks" on HBO.

Pretty and yummy cake!

Queen gang!

The Party People (Nat is the photographer)
I dunno what Nat or Yaya said to make Joyce so giggly. Haha!
But a few moments later.. Yaya did something that's soo funny..

I really dunno what Yaya was trying to do but everyone was laughing like crazy and Joyce was hyperventilating.. doing her signature "hur hur hur".. Hahahahaha! We like to tease her and make her laugh uncontrollably. So cute lah!

Sing song time! This time she let me sing loudly..
(She was shy to let strangers know it's her birthday. Chey)

Make a wish!!

During my birthday party in October, we found out that there are many yummy food at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre and we bought a lot back.. This time we really whack again! Le bf stayed in the room and the rest of us went down and split up to buy stuff so we can gather the most food in the shortest possible time! Wahahahhaaha!

Our hunt ended and these are what we got!

5 potatoes from Potato Depot cos Joyce is a BIG potato fan.
It's not fair cos she's so freaking skinny even though she eats so much carbs!!

After eating, time to burn some energy!
We played some games and had picture taking session!

All the polaroids we took! Wheeee!

Below are some of my favourites..
After taking the usual "safe" group pictures.. we decided to imagine a scene and pose!

Pushing Nat off the cliff..

Finding a crazy man immobile in our bed.. LOL!

And of cos, the sexy bitches pose. Woot!
Don't we all have chio legs?

The night view was beautiful outside!

Only 3 of us are staying over, so the rest of the group left..

Initially was me and Yaya share one bed, but when Yaya went to bath, Joyce got scared of being alone in her bed and came over to my side to snuggle with me.. When Yaya came back, Joyce was too comfortable to move back to her bed.. So in the end I slept with Joyce and Yaya slept alone. Hahahahaha!

Last night, Yaya was super hyper and energetic after her bath!! Out of the three, I was struggling like crazy to keep awake cos I had to work from 6am-3pm than rushed to Swissotel for the High Tea and after party.. The day before I only slept for 4hrs, so imagine my fatigue level. I am getting older so it's getting harder for me to survive on little or no sleep. I was drifting off but forcing myself to stay awake to listen to them chatting and trying to join in but I think I doze off halfway. Major fail cos I used to be the last girl standing when we were younger and doing projects through the night.

Today I was the first to wake up though, cos I am used to waking up early for work.. also there were loud music playing outside and I wanted to find out what's going on.. Opened the curtains, went out on the balcony and saw there's a lot of people! And the stupid DJ was playing Gangnam Style nonstop. Wah lao.. 

Went to bath and woke the others to get ready cos we are going for breakfast! :)

Had buffet breakfast at Fairmont's Prego restaurant. 

Our room rate did not include breakfast, but I used Le bf's FAR card for the discount! For 3 people it's 33% discount instead of 50%. The discount is actually based on the cardmember eating for free. Meaning if there's 2 people, than you only pay for 1 person = 50% off. If there are 3 people, the cardmember need not pay, that's why it's 33%. But with the discount it's worth it! Bill came up to around SGD90 plus taxes for 3 people. ^_^ There's fresh fruit juices and you can even request what combination you want!

The selection was not bad too.. Chinese, western, Eggs station, etc.

Then, we went back to our room to pack up and wait for Le bf to come.. he went to church so he joined us around 11am.. Yaya had to leave for a wedding lunch so it's just the 3 of us.. Guess what we did when we checked out? YES! EAT AGAIN!

Joyce wanted to eat Sushi Tei so we went there for lunch! This girl refused to let us pay for our share lah! Haiyooo!! But thank you for the lunch treat girl! That's 2 times liao!!
View from our balcony, Day & Night

The stay was good! And we enjoyed ourselves a lot I had a good rate with the hotel as I am a member under the Travel Agent's scheme. Yes, working in my line has got some perks (not a lot, but better than nothing..). Actually we feel that Fairmont Hotel is better, but unfortunately they are sold out.

Glad that we had a proper celebration for Joyce this year cos we don't seem to have one for her every year due to something that crops up last minute and schedule conflicts.

After lunch we went to do some shopping before Joyce cabbed home and Le bf and I went back to his place. Love the random things he do like kissing me or stealing hugs from me when no one is looking.. He's so sweet. Love him lots!

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