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Friday, March 23, 2012

Casa Tartufo Italian Fine Dining

It's Restaurant Week and most of the fine dining restaurants are offering tasting menus. Brendan is a big truffle fan so I booked a table for two at Casa Tartufo at Forum Shopping Mall.

The mall has been opened for years but it's his first time there! O_O

There's a set lunch or dinner menu and the usual dishes are not available.

Busy busy busy~

Waiting for our wine~

He had the white wine (forgot the name) and I ordered the sparkling wine. I seriously cannot take alcohol cos I don't like the taste and the after-feeling. Wanted to coax him to help me finish it but he refused to. :(

Some dodgy cheese dish. It looks like some cow's stomach or something can! I had a small bite and gave him the "eeee" face and refused to touch it. Since he never wastes food, he forced himself to finish the whole thing and had hiccups afterwards! He is a cheese lover but the cheese is one of the worst he has ever tasted.. I kept asking him to stop eating but he won't waste food so, kinda fall on deaf ears.. But when he started hiccuping, I kept giggling.. Hahahahahhahaa!

My main course is Egg Noodles with Truffle Shavings

Brendan had the Veal with potatoes.. 

Redeeming factor was the "Homemade Truffle Ice-cream"

The set dinner costs SGD55++ per person and including the wine the total bill was around SGD170nett. Not really worth it cos the staff were not very attentive and the food not very fantastic... Overall I was quite disappointed because I read good reviews about the place.

But I guess it's the food choices they offer. Maybe it's "Restaurant Week" that's why the dishes chosen are the ones that are easily prepared yet low cost? Either way, I don't think I will go back to the restaurant again.

After dinner we went to Shaw Lido to watch John Carter in IMAX! It's a super nice movie but sadly it is set to become the biggest flop in movie history with a net loss of estimated at USD200million. Why??? 

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