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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Max Brenner @ Vivocity

Had a leisurely Sunday today.. slept in and Brendan came over to my place and we went for lunch at KFC before going to view a house at Outram area.. 

The unit is not as nice as the previous one we saw, though the asking price is lower. We decided to forgo it because the vibe just wasn't good. It felt very "underground" even though it's 35 floors up due to the layout of the place.. felt very "maid's room" and for $2000, that's really not acceptable - regardless of how good the location is.

Afterwards we had a few hours to burn so we went to Vivocity to walk around.. wanted to watch a movie but did not plan in advance and all the good seats are gone.. lobo a bit and ended up at Max Brenner.

Hot Chocolate with Melting Marshmallows!

Chocolate Fondue

Had to work at 9pm and he drove me to my office.. here I am, my break-time and blogging away. I love Sundays cos the workload is not that crazy.. but tomorrow is gonna be a super busy day!

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