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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun day out with Brendan & Sister

Today is NUS's Open House 2012 and my sister wanted to go and have a look at her future school.. as usual her parents can't be bothered about it so I accompanied her -- also asked Brendan along too. :)

We were supposed to leave the house at 9am but all of us overslept and Brendan only picked her up around 10am++ and reached my place almost 11am..

Decided to go to Harding Road's PS Cafe for Brunch as Joanna has not been there before. ^^

While waiting for the food, Brendan was playing with my camera and I was very stressed cos everytime he touch any of my electronics, he will scrutinize it and make comments like "Fingerprints! Smudges! Why you no take care???". :( As expected, he said my lens on the camera was dirty.. Hai. He also showed me some cool functions on my camera which I didn't know existed. Oh wells.

Cheeseboard! Permanent fixture!

My Portobello Mushroom Stack


My sister enjoying her breakfast~

Kitty flower~

New flowers in the Ladies' Room

Spot Kitty!

Afterwards we went to NUS! Thank god Brendan was driving so we don't have to walk up and down the hilly roads.. There were shuttle buses that bring visitors around the school but my sister wasn't really interested. She just went to the booth and asked some questions and to walk around.. she didn't even want to listen to any talks or visit any of the schools. Haiyo. Why so lazy?

We left after 1 hour or so.. and we went to IKEA to buy my sister a new mattress. Her dad is so stingy and said she can sleep on the broken one because it's character building (he quoted some Mandarin proverb shit). A bed is the most important furniture in the house because we spend between 1/4 to 1/3 of our lives on it.. Bah.

Anyhows, got her a new mattress at $299 + $55 delivery charge. More expensive than her birthday present (Wicked Musical) but it's a necessity so it's alright. This year's birthday present gonna be cheaper! :P

Afterwards we went to view a unit at Pearl Bank (which we all loved! But asking too high), and then to Marina Square for dinner. :)

Super packed day today but super fun! ^^

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