Friday, March 2, 2012

My 1st Japanese lesson @ Bunka!

Today is my first Japanese lesson! :) 

My school is called Bunka and it's located at Orchard Delfi. Brendan was the one who wanted to switch schools from JAS (Japan Association) and he heard very good reviews about Bunka.. then my sister and I also decided to go along and now all 3 of us are enrolled in the same school!

Silly thing is, our lessons are all on different days!

I started first, today and my class is on every Tuesdays & Fridays from 2.30pm-5.30pm. My sister is starting on 4th March (Every Sundays) and Brendan is starting on 12th March (Every Mondays). Initially Brendan and I wanted to take the Friday classes but he decided to take Mondays due to accommodate his business travels commitments.

Anyways, I had a dental consultation at 11.30am so I had enough time for a nice leisurely lunch at Jones The Grocer (Mandarin Gallery) before going to Ion Orchard to collect my Thomas Sabo Best Friend charm which I broke in December AND send in my crystal heart charm I broke last month. Yes I am such a big klutz!

It was raining when I walked out of the underpass and I was upset cos I had a super good hair day and the rain is gonna ruin it. Yes, bimbo moment there.

Everyone was standing at the edge of the shelter and refusing to move out, looking at each other to see who is gonna make the first step.

It was already 2.10pm and I am not gonna be late for my 1st lesson because of some stupid rain.. so I took a deep breath (drama, I know) and walked out. Few moments later, half the crowd followed my lead.. 
What's their problem? Only when someone start doing something than they follow? Tsk.

Anyway, the walk was not that long, but there wasn't much shelter from Shaw to Delfi so my hair was kinda ruined and my shoes were soaked. Le sigh.

At least I reach at 2.20pm and I'm the first one there! :)

Classroom H

Front of the classroom

Our teacher came and she wrote my name in Japanese! :)

I was trying my hardest to stay awake because I only had 1.5hours of sleep and it's not easy trying to concentrate in class learning a new language with insufficient sleep. I also felt really grumpy and irritated cos I am really tired and my hair was ruined by the rain. 


After class I was happy again cos Brendan came to pick me up! :) He came to collect his textbook from the school and we went to Great World City and had dinner at Jack's Place before going to TCC to meet his friend for coffee. :)

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