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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chloe's Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Chloe's birthday party! :) It's her 2nd birthday! I ordered her cake from Awfully Chocolate 1 week prior to her party together with 20 scoops of Hei Chocolate. 

Cherry & Rum flavour

I only have a guest list of 15 but I ordered 20 as it's the minimum amount! 

There's some leftovers but I know Brendan can help me finish them when he comes over. :)

I invited both his sisters, Cheryl and Pamela but only Pamela could make it. 

Pamela has the nicest smile ever. I always tell Brendan that I am super jealous of her smile cos it's so perfect! She is so cute.. she came and hugged Chloe and started stroking her fur and asking her "Chloe.. why your fur so soft? Nicer than my hair!". Hahahahahhaa!

It's her 1st time attending a party that I'm hosting and she experienced the "Jasmine Hospitality" and was kinda shocked cos I kept feeding my guests non-stop. To quote my friends "You will never be hungry at Jasmine's house". 

Well, usually when I am alone my fridge is empty but when I have friends over I will buy lots of stuff... this is to avoid temptation cos if there's lots of food when I am alone, I will snack a lot and become even fatter. :(

I catered food from Neo Garden Group..

There was curry chicken, prawns, etc. :)

Ordered lots of cheesecakes too. :)

My first guests.. :) Started them off with a cheese platter.


Random group shots 

My sister cuddling with my Tarepanda which later fell into the puddle of aircon water when XY accidentally pushed it off my bed (my aircon is leaking) and I had to wash him and he lost the nice nice smell. :(

After lunch, tea time and dinner.. it's time to cut the cake! Nathaniel went down to help me buy Boon Tong Kee chicken for dinner. :) So sweet of him to run down to help me buy cos I was lazy to. Hahahaha!

I planned to cut the cake earlier, but delayed it until everyone arrives so we can have a group picture together. Unfortunately Pamela had to leave early cos she had a stomachache (OMG DID I FEED HER TOO MUCH FOOD?!?!).. Brendan sent her home and we waited for him to come back before we cut Chloe's cake.
Preparing the cake..

The cake is for us humans and not her. She doesn't get a doggy cake because she's allergic to a lot of things and she is a super fussy doggy. =.=

I hid under the table and asked my sister to take pictures of her..

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her..

All my friends' first time at a dog's birthday party. LOL.

Two candles for Chloe!

She knows she is the star and she's happy!

Group shot

Time to blow the candles!
Afterwards it's picture taking time with the star of the day! :)


XY, YY & Joyce





My sister~

I made them decorate the Polaroids! Haha!

All the Polaroids we took!

Afterwards, everyone left except the Midnight Gang. Initially the Midnight Gang consist of Wany & Nathaniel.. than Yaya joined during CNY, and now it has expanded to include XY. So 4 of them accompany me till 6.30am in the morning and we just talk cock. I even cooked rice for them cos we suddenly became hungry at 5am in the morning.. Hahahahhaa! Nathaniel took a video of my rice and posted on FB. I hate him for that because I look hideous at 5am in the morning with my horrible hair and I actually shouted "FUCK!" in the video when I realized he was taking a video and he still posted it! OMG!

Overall, it's super fun and I am glad I can host this last party before I move out of this house end of the month.

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