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Monday, November 26, 2012

Equinox High Tea & Christmas Tree Hunting

Met up with Nat for lunch at my favourite Equinox at Swissotel. I love this place for many reasons! The service is good, the view is good and best of all.. if I dine with Le bf or someone else, I will get 50% off the total bill! Super good deal! 

Many thanks to Le Bf who signed up for the DBS Black AMEX Card just for the Feed at Raffles (FAR) card for me. Both his credit card and FAR membership card are permanently in my wallet cos the rule is you have to use the DBS Card + present the membership card for payment. My income doesn't qualify for that credit card so I can't apply one for myself and I didn't want to have a supplementary card from him (cos women need to be independent yo!), so I just took his card and use it for my own -- actually what's the difference between using his card and getting a supplementary card from him? I also don't know.. Hahahahaha! Well, since his card writes "Brendan Chew", I always make reservation under "Mrs Brendan Chew" so the staff won't question me when I use the cards. Heh heh!

Actually I've been here many times with Le bf for high tea and lunch because it's really a good deal! Some of the waitress already remember me by name.. "Hi Mrs Chew! Welcome back!". Ehh. "Hi....!"

Lunch has more selection and you also get to choose a main dish that's cooked to order!

Some cold dishes appetizers

Love the salad bar~~ 
Very rare to see anchovies and fried bacons (not the bottled types)

Sashimi (which I don't eat)

Sushi platter

My favourites are still the desserts! 

Everytime I come there will be some variations so it's not boring at all. :)

Shiny shiny chocolate cake!

This is one of their specialty cakes and I noticed it's only available for lunch, not high tea.

Fondue station and icecream!

I like it that they don't use the fountain cos that wastes a lot of chocolate and it's difficult to wash, which means the hygiene level is very dubious. Their ice-cream are mostly gelato and it's nice!
Nat's main course is Salmon!

I always choose the Duck. Safest choice.

Christmas trees are everywhere! 
So we decided to go and hunt for Xmas trees for Christmas!

We went to this ultra dodgy shopping mall called "The Verge".

Cabbed there from Swissotel and it's only around $4++ cos it's very near. It's located near Tekka Mall, Little India. It's dodgy cos most of the shops are closed, the toilets stink like hell, the escalators are boarded up mid level and it just looks... dodgy.

Only saving grace are the shops on the top level selling Christmas trees and decorations!! I bought some purple ribbons and pearl birds to put on Mama Chew's Tree (pictures soon!) cos her favourite colour is Purple!

Afterwards we hung out at Starbucks in Ion Orchard and chit-chat for a few hours before Le Bf came over to meet us and we went for dinner together. I had fun today! ^_^

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