Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weefen & Eric's ROM

Both of us attended Weefen & Eric's ROM ceremony together. They didn't want to have a wedding dinner cos they want to keep it low profile and save the money for their honeymoon and future house. They had a super private lunch reception at Orchard Ion's Tung Lok restaurant. Only 2 tables and both of us were invited! So honoured!

Eric is Le bf's old schoolmate and Weefen is my ex-colleague. So, both of us know each half of the couple separately  How cool is that? Shows how small Singapore is! I know Eric when I was working with Weefen in CTC.. She asked me if Brendan was in XXX school cos her bf (Eric) saw Brendan's photo in my FB wall. LOL! 

Wedding rings and table arrangement
Exchanging rings
Signing the marriage certificate
It's official!
Group picture time! ^_^

Wish the couple everlasting happiness!

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