Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wei Hao & Annette's Wedding at Sentosa Beaufort Hotel

Le bf and I attended his cell group leader Wei Hao's wedding today at The Sentosa Beaufort Hotel! He is Le bf's cellgroup leader since 2004! Long long time! Annette is also a member of the cell group, so we know both the bride and groom! Well, Le bf introduced me to them a few months ago.. hee!

The prettiest and most creative wedding invitation card I've ever received!
Done by the bride herself! 
 Inside of the card with a hand-drawn map!

Centrepiece table that welcomes the guests 

Well-wishes tree!

 Write your well wishes for the couple and hang on the tree!

 I love all the decorations and stuff on the table! :)

 Red dots are places where the couple visited together..

 Dinner Menu

The food is good, but I hate the fact that the server will plate the food into individual portions on plates before serving us! That's not atas! That's irritating! I want to choose my own food from the plate please! We are Chinese, not Ang Mohs! Grrrr!! Most of the time they just throw away leftovers from the main plate cos they underestimated the amount to kiap onto the smaller plates. The servers are mostly young interns or part-timers who don't know what they are doing! Shocking standards for a posh 5 star hotel!

Wedding favours

Group picture of our table!

Picture at the stairs with the flower petals and lamps.. Small touches everywhere that shows the creativity of the bride and bridesmaids. Super nice! :)

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