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Monday, November 19, 2012

High Tea at Goodwood Park Hotel

Nat was in town and wanted to meet up for a tai-tai makan session at the last minute! Luckily it was my off day so I can just go and meet him! :)

We initially planned to meet at Grand Hyatt for buffet lunch but arrived too late.. went down to their High Tea area, but found out that their menu to be ultra limited, so after taking picture with the giant vase filled with beautiful flowers, we walked over to Goodwood Park hotel which was just down the road.

Giant Xmas tree at the side entrance
It's our 1st time to Goodwood Park and we were trying to find the restaurant, thinking the side entrance is the main entrance and wondering why the place is so deserted. LOL!

There are 2 high tea options in Goodwood Park. The Asian menu is at Coffee Lounge and the Western menu at L'Espresso. Nat insisted on the Western menu cos it's the "proper high tea" so we went to L'Espresso. 

Nat choosing his tea!

We both took Ice Tea for the 1st round and hot tea for the 2nd round. Irritating policy of only allowing you to have 2 drinks.. It's a BUFFET leh! For SGD45++, you would expect them to provide you with free flow tea...

Strawberry Shortcake is yummy!

Lychee cake.. So-so

Mini burgers! Nat took this cos it looks like Krabby patty. T_T"

The mini cakes area..

I didn't take any of these. 
Don't really like them cos it's dry and very "factory made" taste.
The scones are nice though. I think they are famous for that.

Yummy ice cream!

Nom Noms!

Amused that they carved the dragon fruits into mini balls.
Dragonballs! (Geddit?)

Nat & Me! :)

It's SGD45++ per adult, which adds up to SGD105.93 for two persons after taxes and service fees. I'm not a person who goes for quantity as I prefer quality food. Though the food standards were not bad, honestly, it's not worth the money cos the variety and selection is not that fantastic. Moreover they only let you have 2 choice of drinks, and it's not free flow. High Tea is supposed to be free flow of tea (it's damn cheap lah!)! How much tea can we drink in 2.5hours? If we drink more tea, means we eat lesser right! 

If you really want to try it, it's recommended that you call before going as there are very few seats. Tel: 67301743

From Monday-Thursday, the high tea timing is from 2pm-5.30pm, and on weekends & public holidays there are 2 sittings. 1st seating is from 12noon-2.30pm and 2nd seating from 3pm-5.30pm.

I won't come back again though.. I rather go to Equinox at Swissotel cos Le bf has the Feed at Raffles card and if we dine 2 persons we get 50% off.. So high tea is only SGD44.70 nett for two persons. Mad cheap! (And they have free flow tea AND juices!).

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