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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fish Spa & Chloe's Bald!

After the ROM lunch at Orchard Central, we had a few hours to spare cos Chloe is at the groomer's and she's not ready to be picked up yet..

Walked around Somerset 313 and spotted a Fish Spa shop.. Le bf always wanted to try the Fish Spa so we went in and booked a 15mins session!

I've tried it many times before so I'm quite used to it after the initial ticklish feeling.. But Le bf had to take some time to get used to it.. He's so giggly! Hahahahaha!

There are a few different ponds which you can choose.. I went over to the "Big Fish" pond where the fishes are bigger.. Le bf is scared and he refused to try it.. =P

Le bf sitting at the "Small Fish" corner

My corner even had a computer you can use! 
This place touts itself as a Fish Spa/Cyber Cafe.

Hello Chio Curly Hair!

Afterwards Le bf drove me to Petfolio to pick up Chloe.. I was shocked when I saw her cos she's half her body size now! Her fur was badly matted cos it was too long and despite me combing it everyday, some areas were still tangled badly and Simon's wife Sharon decided the best option is to cut it all off and let her grow out a new coat. 

OMG. First time I shave her bald cos I always believed that Maltese must have long silky hair! I told Le bf that "I failed as a mother" because I didn't take good care of her.. :'(

Sharon tried to detangle as much as she can but Chloe couldn't handle the pain (her pain threshold is very high already).. So for Chloe's sake, I decided to shave her bald when they called me to ask for my permission to shave her cos they know how much I like to keep her long coat.

As for Chloe, she's actually having mixed feelings about this. On one hand she's happy cos it's so much cooler now without all the extra fur on her. On the other hand, she's feeling kinda emo cos she just lost her hair. It's funny to see her expressions.. I love Chloe so much!

Hope her furs grows back quickly!

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