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Monday, April 1, 2013

Annoying Know-it-alls who know nothing at all

There's so much things to do for the wedding and we just barely scratched the surface. To make things easier, I can hire a wedding planner but I don't know how I can relinquish control of the planning of my wedding to someone I don't know.

Well, if we had an unlimited budget I may consider because it's really stressful to plan for a wedding while working full time but a wedding planner charge between SGD4000-SGD10000 for conceptualizing and actual day coordination. That is crazy expensive..

Since we have confirmed the venue & dates, we can start shortlisting and confirming the other stuff.. Things like; wedding band, makeup artist, photographer, videographer, florist, bridal gown, groom suit, bridesmaid dresses and a million other nitty gritty stuff.

I have spent hundreds of hours just pouring through websites, pricelists, portfolios, photographs, etc and these assholes just come along and make a stupid snide remark like "Haven't you heard of XYZ brand? You should buy the bridesmaids dresses from them what!". Like duh? I have contacted XYZ and they don't have the sizes! Or telling me "Why don't you book from ABC Hotel? My cousin got married there!". Duh? I have just told them barely a few seconds ago that I have contacted ALL the 5 star hotels (except Sentosa) and they don't have the fucking date I want! Were they even listening?! We need a weekend dinner and those hotels only have weekdays dinner and weekend lunch! Don't tell me what I should or should not do when you yourself don't even have the updated information!

Wedding stuff are so freaking expensive and overpriced! I get fucking annoyed when people say "It's once in a lifetime! Just splurge lah!".

I agree a wedding is once in a lifetime but that doesn't mean we should pay through our noses for something that's more expensive because it's labelled with the word "wedding". And the money is from our pocket, not our parents. People assume that our parents are paying for the wedding but they are not! Moreover, the money is also not from those fucktards' pockets so they have no right to tell us to just pay any amount that the vendors are asking.

$500 per hour for a photographer, $2000 for basic flower decorations, $300 for a bridal bouquet, $5000 for a rental bridal package.. What?!?!

Let's see if they will say the same fucking thing when it's their turn to get married. If they dare to complain things are expensive, I'll raise my eyebrows at them and remind them "Oh? Remember someone said it's once in a lifetime so just splurge? Why penny pinching now huh bitch? Not so easy when it's your own hard-earned money huh? huh huh huh?!?!"

Yea childish, whatever. So pissed off!! The annoying thing is most of them are not even married or planning to get married! They don't even know what they are talking about yet acting all smug and knowledgeable! Seriously?!

Alright.. happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

I am getting so stressed up easily because of this wedding planning stuff.. I might probably turn into a Bridezilla or something. Urgh.

Thank God Le Bf is so sweet, patient and understanding.. no matter how grouchy or grumpy I get when people or things pissed me off. He's a calming presence that I can't live without.. :)

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