Friday, April 5, 2013

My Ferragamo Bridal Shoes!

I am in Perth now and I just bought a new pair of shoes to use as my bridal shoes for the wedding! 

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Actually, I went down to David Jones (the only place in Perth which carries Ferragamo products) yesterday to have a look but did not buy it.. I was undecided if I should get it because it's really expensive and I want to sleep on it before making the commitment. 

I seldom wear heels cos I am tall, and flats are more comfortable anyway... So I will most probably only wear it for my wedding and really special occasions.

Last July when I came to Perth, I tried the shoes with Tabby and she kept psycho-ing me to buy them cos I really like them but I didn't have a special occassion to wear them.. but this time I have a good reason! I AM GETTING MARRIED! Wahahahahaha! If getting married is not a good enough reason, I don't know what is. LOL!

So today I went back to try it again and decided to buy it! 

Happy me in David Jones! :)

The price is around the same price as Singapore but the most important thing is they have my size! Singapore only carries up to size 8 and I wear size 10! 

Also, Ferragamo sizes has different width. B, C, D.. Most of the shoes in Singapore are B which are the slim cut. The best for me would be D but it's mainly sold in Europe. Perth carries the C range and it's good enough for me.. just need to widen it a bit by walking around the house. The salesgirl advised me to wear a thick pair of socks and walk around the house in it to break into the shoes.

Well, I was in Las Vegas in January with Le bf and I went to the Ferragamo boutique at Caesars Palace to hunt for the heels I like cos it's cheaper in USA compared to Perth and Singapore but they only carry the size up to 9! We went to the factory outlet mall and the Ferragamo shoes there were MAD CHEAP (like 70% off) but there's no size! Only weird sizes like 4 or maximum up to size 8!! I was sitting in the shop trying not to cry cos there's so many nice shoes there that I like but there's no size! Over dramatic a bit.. but if you can imagine the scene, surrounded by pretty shoes at good discounts and you have the money to buy them but there's NONE in your size...... Any girl would have burst into tears! The most frustrating thing part was, it is really easy to find size 10 in USA! I managed to buy lots of shoes from NineWest, Clarks, Keds..  but not Ferragamo!!!! There were shoes in my size from Kate Spade, Madden, etc, but I didn't like the designs. Sat in the shop for 30mins just emo-ing until Le bf pulled me out.. Haha! I made him promise to bring me to Italy one day so I can buy all the Ferragamo I like!! ^_^

I also like Christian Louboutin shoes a lot, but they are crazy expensive.. almost double the price of a Ferragamo but less comfortable (IMHO).. I've already been to Paris twice but have not bought a pair of Louboutin or a pair of Chanel earrings.. slap me please. One day I am going back to Europe again for a shopping trip.. one day. *grim determination*

Anyways, back to the topic.. So, since they have my size in Perth (they carry up to size 11!!), I decided to buy it and bring it back to Singapore. Moreover I will get a 9% tax rebate. The shoes still cost a substantial amount after the tax rebate but I shall just treat it as a wedding gift to myself. ^_^

I told Le bf about it and he said I should get it if I like it.. but I don't dare to tell him how much it costs cos he will faint. Well, actually I did message him the amount on Whatsapp but he didn't notice and I'm not gonna tell him.. Haha!!!

Can't wait to bring these along when I try my bridal gowns! :)

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