Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meet the Parents Part 1

Today is the first time that Le bf's parents meet my father and his wife, Judy. We have to set a different appointment for his parents to meet my mother and Emama (mum's elder sister) because my parents had a messy divorce and not on talking terms.

We had lunch at Intercontinental's Man Fu Yuan restaurant. To ensure we had privacy and a good environment for the adults to chat, we decided to book the private room and pay the cover charge of SGD13.80++ per person which includes individual servings of tea (the cover charge of tea is SGD6++, so the room charge is actually SGD7.80++).

The place was good and the food was alright but kinda expensive. For a table of 6, the set lunch and cover charge came up to be around SGD450.. A big big hole in our pocket, but it's an expense that we cannot avoid.

It's strange to say "our pocket", but it makes sense because Le bf and I just opened a joint bank account together! We decided to have a joint account for our wedding expenses and future household expenses, and our own personal accounts for our own stuff. I think this is a great arrangement because instead of thinking "my money is my money, his/her money is also my money", we are taking shared responsibility.

If you and your partner can overcome the money barrier and willingly pool your money together, good job! You are on your way to a happy marriage! :)

Anyways, the meeting went well. Both sides have common topics to chat about and my father did not have any special requirements for the wedding.. no need to do a lot of traditional stuff and they leave the decision to both Le bf and I, and also his parents.

The unexpected thing and funny thing was my father and Aunty Judy discouraging us to go to Japan because of the nuclear radiation scare, and also telling his parents not to let me take contraceptive pills because it will affect our chances to have a baby next time. His parents then replied that both of us are not young anymore (wah lao eh! I am still young lah....... *sniff sniff*) and we should consider starting a family soon.... Then all 4 of them started hinting openly that they are waiting for a grandchild and we should plan to have one right after the wedding.. Mai-tu-liao!


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