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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diamonds are not forever

Le bf has not bought the "proposal engagement ring" for me. We also have not purchased our wedding bands yet.

I have set my eyes on a few designs for the wedding bands. Instead of white gold or gold, we want it in Platinum. Those classic timeless designs that will not go out of fashion. Initially I wanted Titanium, but Tabby told me horror stories about how they had to use laser saws to cut off the rings from patients in emergency situations at the hospital and if the doctor slips just by a little, your finger will be sliced. Scary shit!!! She said Platinum is better cos it can be cut by a cutter and we can fuse it back later! :) Well, always better to listen to a professional doctor's advice. Haha! We'll hunt around before deciding on which ones because we are wearing them everyday! Forever! :)

I had my eyes on the Tiffany's Infinity Ring.. but I'm afraid that it will look too cutesy for me 30 years down the road when I am.. old. =X

As for the proposal ring.. the reason for the delay is because I am very choosy in the design of the ring. But most importantly  I think paying so much for a piece of rock is stupid. Seriously. It's just not justifiable!!

Not saying this because Le bf is stingy and doesn't want to buy me a solitaire diamond ring.. He really wants to and we have visited a few shops to look at rings. I am the one delaying because but I am very hesitant on letting him spend close to 5 figure sum on a shiny rock with no value. I don't need an expensive ring to boast or show off to the world how much he loves me. I don't need that ring to validate our relationship's progress to the next level (marriage)...


Go buy a diamond and then try to sell it the next day. Tell me how much you manage to get back. You will most likely only be offered 10% - 30% of the buying price!

I know we don't buy proposal rings to sell it later so we shouldn't think about the resale value.. but think about it.. just think about it logically.. Why would you spend $10000 on a ring that depreciates at least 60% of it's value the moment you walk out of the shop? Why? Because "if a man don't buy you a diamond ring means he doesn't love you?" or "It's not considered a proposal/wedding if there's no solitaire ring!" or "That's what every girl has! I also want!" or "If my boyfriend don't buy for me, we will both lose face!". 

Siao! (crazy)

Unless you are marrying a millionaire with tons of cash to burn, go ahead and spend a fortune on a ring because it's all about "face value" and he can afford it without bating an eye anyway.  But if you are serious about settling down with your boyfriend and start a family together, why do you want to throw a 5 figure debt / wipe out his savings / deplete his bank account on a ring?!?! You will most probably not wear it everyday and just keep it in the drawer.. especially when you have babies in future because the ring will scratch them easily.

Diamonds are not as rare as many people think. It is also not the rarest of all the gemstones, Rubies are the rarest, Diamonds are the hardest.

The idea of diamonds being a "precious stone" and it's association with romance and wedding proposals are all very successful marketing strategies of the most successful cartel business of our time, De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd. In fact, before 1938, the average price of a diamond is only USD80. Even factoring in the inflation and all, it is still a ridiculous profit margin!

Well, there's still 4 months++ to our wedding so I still have 1-2 months to ponder about this "ring issue".

Le bf is quite chill about it but he is hoping I can come around soon and agree on having a solitaire diamond ring so he can plan a proper proposal to ask me officially for my hand... Hai! WHY MUST PROPOSE? I already agree to marry him liao mah!! But the silly boy insisted that it has to be done properly in case I nag at him for the rest of our lives even though I say "I don't mind" now. LOL! Can foretell the future ah? =P

Will update again! :)


Jasmine Ho said...

I don't have a solitaire from my HTB too, it's an antique 1920s or so styled ring with sapphire.

I HAD a solitaire, but so what, that marriage ended up annulled.

Not that a proposal ring is not a necessity, but it is not necessarily a solitaire! :) Choose something you would like to have instead!

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