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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wedding Stress

At the moment I already had 2 meltdowns. Not those crazy meltdowns, but it's not good because it will give Le bf unnecessary stress when he sees me going bonkers and just crying for no reason when usually I am always in control and ultra-organized about everything.

First time was at the driveway at my house where I suddenly started crying for no reason because I felt so overwhelmed by the "to-do list" of our wedding.

The second time was yesterday when I felt so suffocated and stressed cos our budget for the wedding is just going over way over than what both of us estimated at first.. like wayyyyy over! I was also stressed out about the timeline because it's 5 months left to our wedding and I haven't found the bridal dress! We also have not bought the wedding bands and our guest-lists are not prepared yet! Invitation card need to be printed and sent out, and there's like a thousand other things that need to be taken care of!!

I am so thankful and blessed that Le bf is incredibly patient with me and did not lose his patience when I started acting all weird and weepy. God bless him.

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