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Friday, January 31, 2014

First CNY as Mrs Chew! :)


Last night we stayed up late cos it's a Chinese belief that the later you sleep on CNY eve, the longer your parents will live. Hope my parents-in-law will live long, happy & healthy!

This morning we had to wish Mama & Papa Chew and do it in Mandarin. Papa upped the level and said each of us had to say 4 phrases with the word "horse" in it! Super stressful cos my Mandarin is half past six... We went according to our age. So since Le hubby & I are the eldest, we went first!

Then it's Cheryl's turn....

Finally it's Pam's turn!

Somehow Pam & Cheryl's Mandarin are worst than me! ( ̄□ ̄;)Not sure if I should feel sorry for them or glad that I am not the worst in the family.. Kua kua kua..

Even Tita had to say something! But she said it in English.. Hee!

And for the first time ever, both of them had to wish us!

Then exchange oranges for angbaos!

I love this shot of me and Le Hubby! 。◕‿◕。

Family picture time before we leave the house for visitations!

Somehow the whole family wore blue today without telling each other!

Photo frame on the living room's table taken on our wedding day! :)

Our first house was Mama Chew's eldest sister's place. Her son is Le hubby's best friend/cousin and they grew up together. He was also the best man at our wedding. Afterwards we went to a few more places before calling it a day.

Some of the elders still give us angbaos cos they said it's our first year as a married couple! Super unexpected! I thought once you are married you won't receive any angbaos except from your parents, but you have to give them angbaos too.

I prepared angbaos to give out to juniors even though some people said "first year no need to give". So many different theories & schools of thought. Le hubby was considering taking the 1st year no need to give 'free pass' but I told him not to be so cheapo. #husbandsaver #wifespender 

Personally I don't believe in the 1st year no need to give nonsense. Those people who practice that are just major cheapskates who wanna save money and deprive children of their angbao money (IMHO). You can give lesser, but totally not giving is really just.. wrong. I am glad Tabby thinks the same way as me! She said those people who don't give will be damn suay. I think it's because the children will curse them behind their backs? LOL!

This year's CNY day 2 happens to fall on a weekend so it's sort of like one day is 'wasted'.. but since I am not working now... who cares! Bwahahahahhaha! However, Le hubby said he cares because the extra day can be used to play his Playstation games. (・_・ヾ

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