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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

11th Braces Update

Pipimon suggested dark green & bright green when I asked him what colour I should choose for the powerbands.. but when I was in the consultation room, I was told that there is only had 1 kind of green, so I made a quick decision on the spot by choosing the yellow to match with the green.. and I think the combination is nice! :)

I still have to put in the 2 rubberbands on each side to tighten and pull the teeth straighter. It's quite a hassle when I have to eat cos I have to pull it out than straight after eating I have to put it back.. most of the times, people around me give me weird looks but I have learned to ignore them. Haha!

Here's a comparison of Day 1 compared to today, 9 months later..

Don't you think it it much straighter? :)

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