Friday, June 3, 2011

Gaby's Pooh Presents! :)

Finally saw Gaby again! The 1st time I met her was last November and I love her so much cos she is sooo cute and adorable! :)

We are actually sleeping in her room on the 1st floor instead of the guestroom in the basement cos her mum says her room has an attached toilet which is much more convenient for us.. moreover her bedroom is much bigger than the guestroom so Pipimon and I will have more 'space'. Hahaha!

Meanwhile Gaby is sleeping with her parents on the 2nd floor. She usually sleeps with them cos both her siblings' bedrooms are also on the 2nd floor but hers is strangely on the first floor.. I guess since there are only 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor, the youngest one gets the odd room downstairs? Haha! But if I were her, I will be happy cos I will be isolated and I need not climb 1 extra flight of stairs! Yea yea, call me lazy!!

And being 11 yrs old, I guess she doesn't dare to sleep alone cos her bedroom is the only bedroom on the 1st floor. The other room is a 'meeting room', and there is a huge living area and also a 2nd dining area with a huge dining table and mad chio chairs and also hanging on the wall is painting of the Last Supper!

The 'basement' is actually the ground floor where the car garage is.. the family parks their 4 cars there. There is a kitchen, 1 maid's room, 1 guest room, the commonly used 'informal' dining table, 1 karaoke room and a door leading out to the activities area where they placed the ping-pong table, gym equipment, followed by the beautiful swimming pool! Than leading from the swimming pool is the Koi pond with a beautiful hut suspended on top of the pond!

Damn the house is HUGE! Apparently theirs is the 2nd largest house in the compound.. they moved from their old house which is only 1 street away and the Daddy designed/co-designed the whole house and built it from ground zero up! Super impressive! And they just moved in a few months ago so everything is spanking new! Not to mention super luxurious! It's like stepping into a movie set! Super unreal! They still retained the old house and is renting it out than when Andre (Pipimon's friend and Gaby's eldest brother) gets married.. he will have the house and live in it with his future wife.

I have not explored the 3rd floor yet, but Pipimon says the roof is very pretty with a great view of the surrounding houses.

The cool thing is it's done up in a very nice 'Italian', 'Victorian' style.. I am not sure how to describe it, but it's super beautiful and I will be posting pictures of the house soon! :)

We bought the Pooh & Friends Smarties chocolates from the Duty Free shop at the airport. :)

The figurines actually have ink stamps inside.. so you can use it to chop/stamp paper! I used to love these when I was a kid! :)

My fave one was a Blue Bunny (still have it) and I created a gang called the "Blue Bunny Gang" and told my brother and sister that if there were good, they can join.. if they misbehave, they will be forced to join the "Yellow Tiger Gang"... and the leader of that gang was our mother. Since it's uncool to be part of your mum's gang, they behave most of the time when I threaten to kick them out of the cool Blue Bunny Gang! Good times.. :)

Remember earlier on I mentioned we bought a surprise present for Gaby?

It's a Winnie the Pooh gold necklace from SK Jewelery! :)

We bought a huge Winnie the Pooh for Gaby last November when she came to Singapore for a short holiday with her parents. See previous blog entry here. This time we decided to give her something she can use and wear everyday.. :)

We gave it to her this morning after she came back from school! She only attended a few hours today cos it's their Final Test (examinations) and they can go home after their papers.

And here's a picture of the cute Gaby... finally! ^^

She super-reminds me of my baby sister when she was younger. Chubby, loves to eat, likes to hang around me, likes to talk, super cute!!! :)

The picture above is taken in her brother's room.. he refused to let his dad do the 'kua zhang' designs and insisted in 'clean lines' so his room is not that 'Victorian-ish'... Haha!

We are going swimming now with Pipimon at the swimming pool in their house! More updates soon! Byee!

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