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Sunday, June 12, 2011

jPot & Hangover II

After rebonding my hair earlier today, I went home and nua a bit and napped till 8pm before Pipimon announced that he has a craving for jPot! Bathed and took care not to wet my hair (cannot shampoo for at least 48hours!), and we went to Vivocity for our steamboat dinner.

Had our dinner then went to watch Hangover II!

Pipimon forgot that he watched Part 1 of Hangover with me.. and when I reminded him of the Las Vegas scenes and everything, he has no recollection at all! Omg. So scary can? I know sometimes we forget that we watch a certain movie.. but when we see the same characters or similar scenes we will have some faint memory of the movie, no? Anyway, both of us enjoyed the movie a lot.. Of course Part 1 will always be the nicer than the sequel, but there's plenty of laughs in this installment too. :)

There's a Green Lantern statue at Vivocity's Golden Village, and Pipimon tried to pose like him... T_T"

Another one of him being 'punched' by the Green Lantern.. =.=

I can't wait for Part 2 of Cars!

I used to be so crazy over Part 1 and I have the toys, posters and magnets! HAHAHAHA! It's been almost 5 years and I can't wait!!!!

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