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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An update on my hair colour

I went out with Yaya & Smallgirl today (more updates later with pictures) and I asked them to help me see my hair colour and determine if I am being paranoid or is the hair colour really botched up.

Before I share what they said, there is a side by side comparison of my hair before the colour job yesterday morning and a picture of my hair this morning..


I did not use flash cos this camera's flash mode really sucks big time.. But in the photo on the right, it appears that the colour is really really dark..

Here are a few more pictures I have taken with the self-shot function..

#1 Without Flash

#2 With Flash

#3 With Flash

#1,2,3 Side by side..

For pictures #2 and #3, as there is flashlight, the brown can be seen.. but under the natural light or sunlight, the brown on the top is uneven and the ends is much darker than my roots, and the contrast is very obvious is picture #3.

Honestly, I am very happy with the Rebonding that Bryan did for me -- also because he was there throughout the whole process even though he had an assistant to help him with my hair. But I really really HATE the colour job, especially since I have taken a picture of the back of my hair and I can see it clearer than peeking backwards towards a mirror.

Yaya saw me first and her first word was "Disconnected". She said I can quote her.. Haha! Well, she helped me see my colour in the sunlight and also in the shade and she said that the colour on the top is nice but uneven and look like highlights but the bottom is too dark and the top and bottom doesn't match, thus the word "Disconnected".

Smallgirl said that I am overcharged cos she paid only S$160 for colour, rebond and cut at a salon and the effects is still quite nice after a few months.. :(

When I came home and take the pictures, I whatsapp them picture #3 and they were horrified to see that the effect is more obvious in pictures than in real life! They said the real life thing was bad enough but it looks worse in the photo!! Sobs.

I am utterly depressed at this point in time.

Now I am not sure what to do.. go back and ask Bryan to redo the colour or forget about it and boycott Essensuals Bugis forever?

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Amanda said...

Ask for refund! REFUND! Don't redo it! It's akin to asking a chef to recook a dish! What if the chef spit in the food? What if the noob "director" screw up your hair further?!

I always read your blog but never leave comments (lazy. Hehh!) but I must speak up this time! Don't be conned! I belive a DIY home colour is better than what you paid almost $200 for! Now they can't lighten your hair and can only go darker which is not what you wanted (you want brown rite?).. So they will force you to choose to dye all black which looks horrible and is ridiculous because you can dye it yourself if it's all black!!

Ask for refund!!!!!!!!