Sunday, June 19, 2011

Queen Gang's Night Out!


Met up with Yaya, Joyce and Smallgirl (Jasmine Michelle) for a dinner at Nex's Crystal Jade Korean BBQ.. The food is super salty and there's lots of MSG cos we felt really thirsty after the meal..

If you wanna eat the buffet, I recommend the Centrepoint outlet.. Even though they served ala-carte buffet instead, the food is much better and there's a better selection of cooked food.

Selection of the raw meat..

Stuff for the soup

Cooked Food


ONE complimentary bowl of ginseng chicken soup



There's a center partition dividing our tables. Super weird.

Two Jasmines~

Uncle sitting on the floor

Enjoying our frozen yogurt from Sogurt!

Afterwards we went to some ulu place at Punggol to chillax than Joyce went home with her bf and the 4 of us went to KPT Coffeeshop for supper!


Smallgirl & Yaya

Fried Carrot Cake! YUMS!

Fried Oyster Omelette! YUMS!

Chicken Chop! YUMS!

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