Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NDP 2011 Tickets!


Finally after so many years, I am going watch the National Day Parade on the actual day on 9th August 2011! Woohoo!

Many thanks to Nathaniel who gave us one pair of tickets! He balloted for 4 tickets for actual day and got them! SO FREAKING LUCKY! He even went to queue up and collect the tickets and met us at Orchard just to pass us the tickets... So sweet and kind of him!!!

I asked him why he gave them to me instead of his other friends and he said cos he saw I was lamenting on Facebook that the balloting system sucks and I never get the tickets no matter how many times me and Pipimon try and the first people he thought of was us! :D

And guess what? We still didn't get the tickets this year, but thanks to Nat we are going to watch it on the actual day! WOOHOO! :)

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