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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Flight to Jakarta!

I'm going to Jakarta with Pipimon for 1 week and we'll be staying with his friend Andre. :)

The Lufthansa tickets are so colourful.. with pictures of their cabin crew!

We had lunch before walking around the duty free shops.. Bought a box of chocolates for Gaby! :)

Pipimon's friend, Andree was in Singapore for 2 nights with his Uncle. Pipimon went out with them when they were here in Singapore (while I was home nuaing, as usual. :P). We met up at the airport cos their flight is 5.15pm which was only 15mins after us..

The initial plan was supposed to be us reaching soon than waiting for them at the airport in Jakarta.. But in the end our flight was delayed by 1hour and 15mins! Super sian to the max!

We were so worried that we will be late when we reach Jakarta cos our flight was delayed and Pipimon tried to call them when we were in the holding room but couldn't get thru -- so we thought they already flew..

But guess what? Andree & his Uncle's flight was supposed to be 5.15pm right? There's another flight to Jakarta by the same airline (Lion Air) at 6.15pm and THEY DELAYED THEIR PLANE FOR 1 HOUR so can 'combine' both flights together cos there was only very few passengers! And they had to endure the 1 hour by sitting in the plane! Not even sitting in the holding room! WTF!!!!!!

In the end we landed at the same time cos both our flights left at 6.15pm!!!

So the delay's blessing in disguise' was we arrived at the same time with Andree and his Uncle, so we won't be lost at the airport cos we met up at the baggage claim area.

I am not gonna take Lufthansa again.. I told Pipimon that if paying S$270 per person for a flight and there's still a delay, what's the point? Stupid plane was delayed in Germany! Than they take their own sweet time to refuel and stuff.. Super waste time! We might as well take a budget flight right? Tsk.. But unfortunately the air tickets for budget is around the same price (maybe $30 lesser) than Lufthansa so we chose Lufthansa instead.. should have chosen Turkish Airlines! It was $15 cheaper! TSK! Next time we will plan much earlier cos last year Pipimon only paid less than $100 for a 2 way ticket but he topped up a bit more to choose front row seats.

View from the plane.. Hello little cargo ship!

Plane was almost empty.. we got the three seater window seats and left the middle seat empty.

Bad thing was there was no in-flight entertainment so I spent the time sleeping and Pipimon was flipping through the magazines..

Almost all the cabin crew were 'ang-moh'! We only spotted 1 Indonesian girl whom Pipimon said is "so fat still can fly!" Quite mean of him.. but it's true.. she's really chubby!

Our meal!

Roasted Chicken sandwich & Mango Cake!

This is the pickup area of the airport..

This is the Taxi counter.. Their most reliable taxis are the Bluebird taxis. We asked Andree how much the meter fare costs but he never take taxi before cos he always drive to the airport.. T_T" Anyway, his uncle parked his car at the airport so we did not take the taxi too.. They drove us to a super ulu but crowded place for a yummy seafood dinner!

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