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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Birthday dinner at The Kitchen Table (W Sentosa)

It's the family tradition to treat everyone a meal during our birthdays and this year both Le hubby and I chose The Kitchen Table at W Sentosa Cove because the food is good, the ambience is nice and the service is awesome. d-(^_^)-b

The family don't really eat much in terms on quantity but they like good quality and variety.. so we are always on the look out for good buffets which serves quality food but doesn't charge an arm and a leg for it. I've visited The Kitchen Table many times this year, celebrating Nat's birthday there (twice!), le hubby's birthday and also just for dinner with friends. Each time the service is good and the food doesn't disappoint. They actually change the dishes (even in the same week) so it's always a surprise to find something different. My favourite was during le hubby's birthday dinner where they had black pepper crabs! Yums!

They will give a complimentary birthday cake when you tell them that it's your birthday. And I think the cakes are different each month, because in July for Nat's birthday it was cheesecake with popcorn on top of it, in September for Le hubby's birthday dinner it was a lava cake.. and for October it's this lovely chocolate mousse cake!

The waitress was really nice and asked the kitchen to prepare a bigger cake for us instead of the usual small slice cos she recognized us as regulars and she said the cake is nice and there's more to eat cos there were 6 of us. Awwww.

The past few times we came to celebrate birthdays, they only provided a cake. But they gave me 2 balloons and a hand written birthday cake! Awwww so sweet lah! I am not sure if it's because I am a Sip & Indulge member, but then again.. Nat is also one and he did not have balloons. Heh heh! So lucky!

Birthday Balloons! (*οΎ‰∀`*)。。OO

Family photo!

Picture with my lao gong~~ (*^^*)

Here are all my birthday presents and angbaos from my family & friends! My sister said she bought a camera for me but the production/shipment is delayed and it will only be ready next year. Heh heh heh!

My biggest wish is to have our own baby and I hope by the time I blow out the candles on my next year's birthday, I will be/am a mother! Pray that God will bless us with a child soon cos we have been trying for a while for a baby. *baby dust baby dust*

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