Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my actual birthday! Le hubby bought me a huge bouquet of flowers from my favourite florist, Bloom Room to surprise me when he picked me up from work. Awwww! So sweet of him! 

I had a $100 Jumbo membership birthday voucher and I can use it with minimum spending of $200. Knowing that Le hubby and me can never ever hit the $200 mark before GST and service fee, I decided to invite and treat my friends and sister for a birthday dinner at Jpot Tampines!

There were 6 of us and there's so much food on the table but the total bill was only $140++ and we needed $200 before we can use the voucher. In the end we were just randomly ordering items off the menu trying to close the gap. Also ordered a lot of desserts... The final bill was $202.00! So proud of us! Hahahaha! So I paid $102 + GST + service fee for the dinner. Works out to be around $20 per person which was very reasonable. Service was impeccable as usual!

(ノ〝∩。∩)ノ Group picture ヽ(∩。∩゛ヽ)

My sister baked my birthday cake! It's a tofu cheesecake, same as the one she made last year but this year's version is much much better. Like the 2.0 version. The crust was thick and buttery (shiok!!) and it was creamy and cheesy and smooth. 👍 👍 👍 She's been practicing a lot and also doing dessert tables for her friends' wedding. She could have done mine 2 years ago lah.. I paid $950 and I don't even know how it looks like. 😒

Another year older! Nothing really special about my actual day that's why I went to work today instead of taking leave.. Anyway to me, a birthday celebration is not enough, it has to be a birthmonth celebration! Hahahahaha! As many cakes as possible! Wheeee!

(人’∀’)<“Happy birthday to me ♪”

Thank you le hubby for the lovely flowers!

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