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Friday, May 31, 2013

Chanel earrings for my wedding day!

I bought my first pair of Chanel earrings! I always wanted a pair and my biggest regret is not buying any when I was in Paris.. TWICE! Twice I was in Paris and I didn't buy any because I walked into the shop and didn't see it in the display shelves.. Little did I know, they keep their earrings hidden and need to ask the salesgirl to bring them out.

So, I bought mine in Singapore's Takashimaya. Told Le bf I will go back to Paris one day to buy more Chanel earrings and he just gave me his silly nervous smile. LOL. Nathaniel was with us and both of them helped me choose the design cos there were so many designs and I had a headache choosing. The simple ones are around SGD300++ and there are the more intricate ones that costs double or more.

Pretty ribbon!

Close up picture of my earrings! :)

It's so expensive for a pair of costume jewelry, I don't dare to tell Le bf how much it is. Shall not post it here just in case he happens to read my blog. 

Actually he don't read my blog... I think he has a short attention span or something (except for games) cos he stalks me on Twitter. 140 characters per post. Also I like to rant and complain on Twitter about stuff so he will be more informed and updated about my mood and what's bothering me so he can tread carefully around me when I am in a bad mood. Bwahahahahaha! Whenever I ask him "Did you read my blog???" he will reply me "Ehh.. no. Why?". Hahahahaha!

I wore it for the first time today and I love it!

Thing is, I've not worn earrings for a long long time.. At least 10 years! Luckily the holes have not closed up and I can still wear them. People think I don't have ear piercings cos I don't wear earrings, but I have 6 piercings on my ears!

Reason why I don't wear earrings is because I am allergic to nickel and I had very bad ear infection when I wore earrings in the past. It was so bad that my ear lobes nearly fell off! Seriously! I had pus and blood running down my neck, and the flesh is always mushy and disgusting. Damn gross.

After I removed my earrings and let the wounds heal, I tried other ways like plastic sticks, gold, titanium, platinum earrings, but I still had problems... So I gave up on earrings. I think the piercing was either not done properly or my body rejects all sorts of metal objects.

I went for a belly button piercing when I was 18 years old and had such a bad infection, the scar is still there. =_= When I showed Le bf the scar and told him I went for a belly button piercing, he was so surprised, then he shook his head and said "Haiyooooo". LOL!

I still keep my belly button ring, a very cute platinum ring which had no nickel but still gave me an infection. Tsk. Ok, so now you know another fun fact about me. I had a belly button piercing! LOL! The reason why I did it was because of my good friend Money. She wanted a tattoo and asked me to get the same one for moral support.. I am very against tattoos (Still am. My sister wanted to go for a tattoo and I told her I will disown her if she does), because it is a permanent thing that cannot be removed easily. What you want now may not be what you want 10 years later. In the 80s, shoulder pads are all the rage but now? People think it's ugly.. So, I never believed in inking my skin.

Back then when Money asked me to go with her, deep down I was like "No, I don't think we should do it", but it was the stage of our lives where we are angsty rebellious teenagers and wanna do things like drink, club, smoke (though I never tried smoking cos I don't like the smell and it's lame to pay money to kill yourself slowly), also it was a very difficult period of my life cos my parents are going through an ugly divorce and my ex-boyfriend was a big time asshole, so I was like, "FUCK IT! LET'S DO IT!".

Thank God we couldn't decide on the design. I remember us sitting in the computer lab (back then there was no smartphones) in Singapore Poly's Business School scrolling through pictures of tattoos and debating which one is nice. Joyce was trying her hardest to talk us out of it. Haha! Good times.. Well, in the end we went for a belly button piercing together at Heeren because we cannot decide what design and where to tattoo it. If not I will have a tattoo that I regret for life now..

I think the earrings has nickel in it because after wearing them for 5mins to take pictures both of my ear lobes are kinda red and feels itchy! Dammit. I hope I won't have too much trouble with the earrings during our pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day ceremony.

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