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Friday, May 10, 2013

Meetup with SIM friends

Mett our SIM classmates (Le bf's clique) for dinner today!

Super happy cos we went to Omakase Burger and it's my favourite burger joint in Singapore! :) The boss is really nice and friendly and their food is good! However today's food is a bit off the mark, maybe because there is a long queue and the kitchen is overwhelmed. Usually we go during weekdays evenings so there's not much queue and the food gets served quickly. Today the fries were overcooked,  the queues are very long and we waited a long time for our food too.. So, my advice is to go during off peak periods.

The last time we met the gang was in last September during Le bf's birthday and the next time we meet will be our wedding in September! Time really flies! Everyone is very excited for our upcoming wedding and we can really feel the love and excitement. :)

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