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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Celebrations

I ordered two cakes from Cremeberry for Mother's Day Celebrations today. One is for Janice in our cellgroup and the other one is for Mama Chew. I know about Cremeberry when my sister sent me a picture of the Despicable Me Minion cake that they made. Mad cute. After they sponsored Xiaxue's housewarming, they had more exposure and became more well-known.

Honestly the cake is not very fantastic. It tasted like cake mix (instant) and the frosting is too sweet. It's also not cheap as each cake is SGD52, but at least it looks nice.

In March, I've paid a deposit to them for a Dessert Table and Churros Live Station during our church wedding. Hopefully the desserts will taste better than the Mother's Day cake.

Few weeks ago I make mini flag buntings to put on the cakes.

One for Janice, one for Mama Chew.

This is the cake I bought for Janice with the buntings.

Mama Chew's one is more complicated because I added her name in and it is 2 lines instead of 1 line.. However I don't know what happened but her bunting was spoilt!! I was so upset because I did not have enough time to fix it or make another one!

I finished work at 7am today, went to collect the cake went to church, went to cellgroup and only slept at 3pm. Had to wake up at 5.30pm to bath and get ready and go to Le bf's office to collect the cake (cos the fridge at his home is full and the cake must be refrigerated), then go to Orchid Country Club to have dinner with the family.. So that's 2.5hours of sleep! Best of all, after dinner I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK AT 9.30PM!

I was so tired, grouchy and when I saw the bunting was spoilt I nearly broke down and cried.. luckily Le bf was there to comfort me and he told me to forget about it because Mama Chew will be happy with the cake with or without the bunting.

This shift really sucks. I am so tired out when I am not in the office and I spend all of my time sleeping or working.


Family Picture! ^__^

Mama Chew & Papa Chew!

They always happen to wear the same colour clothes.. well, most of the time. When I say "Ooh! Same colour!", Mama Chew will give a really cute shy smile and say "No lah! Not planned!". 

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful future mother-in-law! Le bf has told me many times "Mama loves you so much woah!", and it's true! He is still surprised (yet happy) on the many occasions when Mama Chew show her love for me, like how she buys my favourite food, debone the fish for me, ask about me, etc. Papa Chew is a man of little words but I feel and know that he cares for me too.

I feel so blessed and happy, I just want to cry sometimes.. My own parents never showed me this kind of unconditional love and concern before and to have 2 people loving me like their own daughter even before I am Le bf's wife is just so.. so overwhelming. :') I believe God is working his miracle and He gives me such wonderful parents-in-law to compensate for the lack of love I received from my own parents. Le bf's sisters are really sweet and nice to me too. God bless all of them!

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