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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Operation "Hack Jasmine's Xbox360"

I bought an Xbox360 from Perth without realizing that it's region locked!

Brendan also can't believe it slipped his mind (he was with me when I bought it) that there are different versions of Xbox360 and Australia is different from Singapore. Something to do with the code or something.. some techie shit which I don't understand or care about, but I can't play the Viva Pinata game which we bought in Singapore!

We bought the game last year before I even have the Xbox because the game is 7 years old and it's no longer available for sale anymore cos the game is too old. We found it in a gameshop's second-hand shelf for $18 and Le bf just bought it for me to keep till I buy my Xbox.

The only reason I want to have a Xbox is because of Viva Pinata game. Seriously! So when he put in the game and it doesn't work, I was sooooo disappointed I actually sulked on my bed for 30mins in silence... LOLOL! He kept telling me sorry because he should have checked before he let me buy the Xbox, but it's not his fault lah.. Who would have thought? Cos he doesn't have an Xbox too (He's a Playstation fan) so he wouldn't know about the Xbox.

Our Xbox360 avatars! :)

We can only create Avatars and go online onto the Xbox community but we cannot play any games. Kua kua kua.

So how to solve this problem? We cannot play any of the original games that is bought in Singapore. We cannot order games from Australia cos it's so troublesome and shipping is expensive..
White elephant sitting in the corner of my room..

Long story short, Le bf decided to hack the console. We wanna "support" Microsoft and buy original games but the stupid console is region locked! What can we do but hack it since we cannot refund it and buy a new set in Singapore? 

Le bf had to study and research how to hack the Xbox360 cos apparently it is more challenging to hack than the Nintendo Wii (Le bf has that and he hacked it in no time). For the Xbox360, he needs to buy some special equipment or program called the Wasabi and he has to dismantle the whole thing and cut the wire mesh and God-knows what else... he explained the process to me and as usual, I blanked out lah.. Techie stuff just sound gibberish to me.

However Le bf said that even if we hack it, I will still be unable to play the Viva Pinata game cos it can only play downloaded games on the external hard-disk or region compatible disc.

So, he did some techie-magic and managed to download the PC version of Viva Pinata on my laptop. He was face-palming himself cos there's a PC version all along and if he downloaded that for me, we did not even have to buy the Xbox360! LOLOL! 

Luckily, I want the Xbox360 for another reason now, apart from Viva Pinata - Dance Central & Just Dance! Playing it on Nintendo Wii is just not as fun as the Kinect! So all's well ends well! Now I can play the Viva Pinata on my laptop (my garden is flourishing!!) and Le bf can download all the other games that we like to play without spending money to buy the games! ^_^

Le bf brought the console to his office to dismantle it and took pictures of the process.

He brought it back home to show me how it works. He was so excited like a little boy and so proud of his achievement that he managed to hack it successfully without spoiling the console.. I never had a doubt that he will fail because he's good at such stuff. :)

Can't wait for the chance to play it!! ^__^

Thank you Le bf! Love you love you love you!!

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