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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Operation "Save Jasmine iPhone Part 2"

See Part 1 here.

Last year Le bf (who wasn't my bf then) fixed my 3Gs after I've used it for 2 years++. I changed my phone in August 2012 to the iPhone 4s and now barely 1 year on.. the battery is cui (spoilt) again. Seriously!!!?!?

The battery level will deplete like crazy! One moment it is 100%, send a few Whatsapp message and it drops to 60%. Next minute it will just shut down by itself, and when you plug in the charger it will show the battery bar at 80%. Super irritating and maddening cos it just shuts down suddenly and is super unreliable! 


We ruled out the phone having software issues because we tried all the "R"s. Reset, restart, restore as new and all the troubleshooting steps. With my knowledge of the iPhone (however limited, but at least I was an AppleCare consultant for 6 months!! LOL!) + Le bf's techie skills, we concluded it's a hardware problem and we were right. 

The battery is bloated from relying too much on the portable charger which has irregular voltage charging or something..  Le bf said I rely too much on my Eneloop which caused the phone to behave so crazy. Well, the original battery life is so lousy so I have to rely on my portable charger! My usage for my phone is really little cos I only use it for Whatsapp, Twitter & Instagram. I don't watch videos or play games on it!

He doesn't want me to go and change to a refurbished set because he said battery is easy to change and we don't know what other problems a refurbished unit may have. Might end up with another phone which is more problematic with my current one.

So, Le bf ordered a new replacement battery for me from somewhere (he has all these sort of weird lobang) and brought it over to my place to fix it for me. 

I was actually sleeping when he came over a few days ago (cos I am working in the midnight shift), but I forced myself to wake up and take my camera to take picture of what he's doing so I can blog about it. Hahahaha!

He said the 4S is easier to dismantle compared to the 3Gs.. I went to my old blog entry to see what he did and realized it's true, because there's not as many screws in the 4S.

I actually dozed off a few times cos I was so tired, but I remembered him trying really hard to pull the battery out because it has a very strong double side tape or something at the back of it and he was like "oh shit oh shit I am gonna spoil it", but I was too tired to really panic so I just ignored him and snoozed.. LOL!

Old battery vs the "new battery"

He said the new battery is an original iPhone 4S battery but it's not exactly brand new per se because a brand new original battery is so expensive, it will make more sense to buy a new phone instead.

He don't trust the generic battery either, though they are dirt cheap, because those may not work and might spoil the phone.

So... I think this battery he got is from an original iPhone 4S that is a refurbished unit or maybe it dropped off the back of a truck in China or something.. LOL!

Anyway, thank you Le bf for saving my iPhone again! It is working perfectly now! I've been monitoring it for a few days and there's no more problems anymore! :)

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