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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Peramakan Katong

Had dinner with Le bf & Nat at PeraMakan Katong earlier.

Had high expectations for the Babi Pontey but it was so disappointing.. 

It was quite expensive too. Just a few dishes and it's SGD100 for 3 of us!

Only good thing was the Durian paste. The icekachang's syrup was good but the ice was too coarse.

Proves that not all food bloggers are honest, cos this place has a high rating on many food bloggers' blogs but it won't even get 2/5 stars if I were to really use my usual standards to critique it.

Le bf said I should go and be a food blogger and "tell it like it is". Told him it's not financially viable because I am so fussy and most of the food in Singapore will end up in the shit list and no one will dare to invite me for food tasting. LOL! But he said I can be one of the honest, incorruptible food reviewer because if the food is bad, even if you pay me I will still refuse to eat it. Heh.

After dinner Le bf had to send me to work and it's my lunch time now (at 2.30am - 3.30am).. gonna go back to the mountain of emails so I can go home on time at 6.30am later. I've never ever left on time before since I started this fucked-up night shift and I am just so burnt out right now.

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