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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Farewell High Tea for Sangeeta

Sangeeta is my best buddy at work. We don't like to gossip or backstab others, just prefer to do our job well and not get involved in any of the usual office politics or gangs. You can say we formed our own "Neutral gang". Well, we do grouse and nag about our colleagues to each other, but never spread the gossips or rumours that we hear.. always the "Really? I don't know.." reply when other people ask us anything.

We joined AMEX together and went through our 1 month training together, talking the shuttle bus to Harbourfront after work and taking the train home together (she used to stay near Little India, I used to stay at Boon Keng).

Especially when we were the first two persons that were on the night shift duty from December 2011 till June 2012. Previously our office is only opened from 8am-12am and for 8hours, the calls were routed to our Sydney office.. then they wanted to take over entirely and asked for volunteers so both of us volunteered. Partly for the money, and also because we can work together. 

Those days were fun because it's just the two of us in the office at night.. Though the work was crazy because we had to answer 200 to 300 emails between us within 9 hours, we worked well together as a team and had no issues over who did what or who did more. She was really good in flight quotations so she handled all the flight enquiries and requests. I am good in hotels and sightseeing options so I did all of that. Together, we were unbeatable! Fast, efficient, no-mistakes and no problems. 

I shared with her my problems about my relationship, my parents and my life. She always shared with me her secrets and worries about her life. We don't have to worry that the other party will go round using the information as gossip fodder cos that's not us. It was us against the world (well, it felt like that) and it was fun! Late night Mcdonalds supper, pizza parties during the weekend.. 

Afterwards we had to split up due to different shift timings.. then she was promoted to the Resolution Team (that handles complaints and escalation cases) and we spent lesser time together at work. She had new friends and I have Le bf, so we also did not meet up as often outside of work, but the bond we forged during the times we spent together was unbreakable. 

She will always come over to my desk to ask how I was, how is Le bf and how are my parents. Usual 3 questions. My usual 3 answers are "Good, very good, and mehhhhhh". Then she will roll her eyes and laugh, hug me and go back to her work.

Unfortunately she has to go back to India cos her son is bigger now and she has to go back and look after him. She's really a very good mother because she sends back majority of her salary to her family in India and scrimps and saves on herself..

She accompanied me to Vivocity today to meet Le bf after our high tea cos I was meeting him for movie and she wants to say goodbye to him too.. She is genuinely happy for the both of us and it's just too bad she couldn't stay till our wedding before she flies back (though I am still praying that she can come back for our wedding). She always nagged at me to find a good husband, nagging and nagging at me like a mother will do though she's only 3 years older than me. And she's so overjoyed when I told her Le bf and I are getting married cos that's one of her greatest wish - to see me marry well. *tears*

We actually hugged each other and cried outside GV.. not very glam, but we didn't care cos we really love each other a lot. :*(

I treated her high tea at Equinox. She's quite fussy over food cos she's vegetarian, but luckily there's prata and lots of her favourite fruits!

She was so happy & touched that I wore the dress she bought for me in October 2011 for my birthday. :) It's a very nice dress and she insisted in buying it for me cos she said it suits me (though she wanna buy for herself but she said I look better in it and want to see it on me since she can't wear it. HAIYO!). This is also the dress which I wore to meet Le bf's parents for the first time in March 2012. My lucky dress. ^_^

I am gonna miss you woman!!! This is not the last goodbye! We will meet again, either in Singapore, Delhi, or somewhere in the world! Wish you happiness and may God bless you in everything that you do! *muacks*

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