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Monday, May 20, 2013

Chloe without her ponytail

It's been a long time since I post pictures of Chloe! 

I miss tying her hair everyday into a ponytail and putting ribbons on her.

In the past, I did say that Maltese should have long hair & I diss owners who shave their Maltese and refuse to let them have long coat because they are lazy to groom and comb them everyday.

I've kept Chloe's hair long & silky for a long time, but the weather in the past few months is just crazy hot and I can't bear to see her pant & suffer in her long coat, so I have to scrap my principles and snip off her hair.

She's happier with shorter hair but there is a limit to how short we can cut, because if my groomer cuts it to short (buzz cut), she will get grumpy and sulk for days. LOLOL!

Hope the weather will turn cooler soon as we head into the end of the year so I can let her grow out her hair. I'm considering bringing her for our wedding photoshoot, but I don't think her fur can grow long enough for the shoot cos we have to do it by end of June or early July.

Delaying the date of the shoot because I have not found my bridal dress yet!!! Fingers crossed that I can find one soon!

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