Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Collecting our ROM certificate [24-09-2013]

Yesterday morning was our ROM certificate collection day! 

We had to file the notice at least 21 days in advance and pay SGD26 registration fee. An appointment date & time will be given (strictly non-changeable) and we have to go down and collect the certificate. Usually the date will be 3 to 5 working days before your actual wedding day.

If you file your marriage less than the 21days period, be prepared to pay a lot of money! I have a friend who filed her marriage within the 21days period and she had to pay over SGD200++!! You cannot file it too early too. Just go to the ROM website and on the main page you can find all the information you need on e-filing, etc.

My doctor wanted to write Brendan a note to excuse my presence and let him collect the cert by himself, but I told him it's not possible because we have to be there personally to swear and declare and sign the forms.. so Dr Pan let me out of the hospital for 2 hours to collect my cert and I have to come back here again. 

I'll most probably be discharged by tomorrow or latest Friday because our wedding is on Saturday morning and I must go home by Friday. I have not done my nails yet!! Thank God I went to do my hair last week! If not I'll have ugly hair for the wedding! :(

So after breakfast yesterday, Le bf came to pick me up and drove down to the Registry of Marriage (ROM) office which is located at 7 Canning Rise. Thank God he drives because it's a super ulu place!! 

At the entrance of the ROM office

Our queue number is 21! My favourite number!!

Le bf swearing his life over to me.. Wahhahahahaha!

Actually the process is very easy. You take a queue number and wait for your turn (we waited 1 min!) and an officer will check through your details and hand you a set of documents. You have to declare & swear that you are not legally married to anyone here in Singapore and overseas. You also have to declare your marital status (single, divorced, widowed). I asked the lady (I'm super curious & nosy) if there's couples who declared there are single but was not and she smiled and said yes there were cases where the other party only find out they are actually married/divorced/widowed when they are at the counter. Dramamama!! After declaring all those stuff, you have to read out a passage and sign at all the lines before the marriage certificate is given to you!

Folder for our marriage certificate 

Oooooh! Exciting!!

All the details are printed there.. witnesses names (2 of them), both of our names and our solemnizer's name. On the actual day, all of us will only need to sign the photo-copy piece of the certificate and our soleminizer will send it back to ROM on our behalf. The original certificate will only have one signature and that belongs to our solemnizer, Pastor Colin Wong. His duty is to oversee the ceremony, make us recite the vows and also check all the names & IC numbers on the actual day... which is in 3 days time!!!! O_O

It's really unfortunate that I have to be hospitalized the week before my wedding.. like seriously, I had 6 months to fall sick and I have to be so sick the week, the actual week before my wedding!! I have a million things to do and I don't even have the energy or mood to run through the itinerary with my bridal party and vendors... I've thrown everything to Nathaniel & Brendan and hope both of them can pull off the last minute preparations!

P.S// Brendan is feeling very stressed now because for the past 6 months I've been doing 90% of the wedding preparation and now he understands how difficult and stressful it is to do it by myself, especially when I am working the midnight shift.. Heh heh heh! 

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