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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Shutterfly wedding photobook guestbooks!

A few months ago I created an account on Shutterfly.com and designed two wedding guestbooks with the layout of a photobook concept. I wanted something unique and special instead of the usual run of the mill guestbooks you can buy in any gift shops.. something that can showcase our pre-wedding pictures and also let our guests have fun writing and signing.

Thank God the shipment arrived before the wedding! I was so busy with work that I forgot to do the final editing and let Le bf see the designs before hitting the submit button to purchase the photobooks! Can you imagine that I only confirmed and sent the order through last week?! I had to send via priority shipping from USA to make sure it arrive in time for the wedding this weekend! Phew!! Luckily no delay!!

There's two books and both are different designs.. one is filled with pictures from the formal shoot (with my wedding gown & Le bf's suit) and the other is the informal shoot (in our everyday clothes).

Below are some sneak preview of the pages inside..

Nice right? Took me a long time to design them and I really love the results! Hope our guests like them too! :)

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Yaya who went to Popular to help me buy the pens for the photobooks. I specifically only want Sharpies after researching which is the best pen to use for Shutterfly photobooks to prevent smudging and bleeding (ink being seen from the other side of the paper) and I had no chance to go and buy them cos I was hospitalized the whole week. Thank God Yaya came to the rescue! She couldn't find the black superfine tip that I wanted but she sent me so many pictures of alternatives via whatsapp and was so patient with my questions! I let her choose for me in the end cos my headache was killing me and having to make a decision - even such a "small decision" just makes it worse.. perhaps it's the stress or something. But anyway, she bought the gold/silver/bronze set for me cos they don't sell them separately (irritating lah!). Thank you thank you!

Also, I commissioned my sister to design & print some signs for me, including a picture to put in a photoframe that we will be displaying at the reception table. Hope my friends who have Instagram will hash-tag our wedding pictures when they post pictures on their IG account! :) Thank you Meimei!!!!


zapius said...

How did the book come out? I'm thinking of doing something similar but worry that shutterfly's paper might be too glossy and that the signatures might smudge.

Jasmine Tay said...

Hi Zapius,

The pages are glossy but I used sharpie markers and they did not smudge at all. :)

Ser Han Ee said...

Hello! May I know how do you ship your photobook to Singapore? I actually opt for international shipping from Shutterfly website and it says that taxes applies. May I also know how much is the shipping? Thank you :)

Jasmine Tay said...

Hello Han Ee!

I chose domestic shipping and shipped the books to my Comgateway.com account in USA before shipping them to Singapore. It's much cheaper that way, especially when I buy other stuff from US websites and consolidate the shipments. :) If you have a DBS card, they are having a promo now! SGD10 off plus 10% off shipping AND free upgrade to express shipping! Hope the info is useful!

Ser Han Ee said...

Yes its really useful! Thank you so much for your kind reply! :) :)