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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Hens Party! ❤ [14-09-2013]

2 weeks ago on 14-September 2013, my bridesmaids + Nathaniel threw me the best Hen's Party ever!

I mentioned before how much I dislike wild havoc crazy hen's nights so my bridesmaids have to think of a clean but fun Hen's Party for me. Everyone is so stressed cos I am usually the party organizer and they have to organize something for me in secret.. but they did a really fantastic job! I am so blessed to have such wonderful bridesmaids!

Pamela is the head planner and she is so sweet to rally the bridesmaids together and plan for my hen's party.

The night before Le bf stayed over at my place and we woke up to go for lunch before he drove me over to Aramsa Spa at Bishan Park. Pamela was supposed to come pick me up but there was a massive traffic jam and she kinda went by the wrong way so Le bf had to drive me instead. It was really funny cos Le bf was being grumpy about Pamela being Pamela and always so blur and not on time (his words), and she should have gone by this route not that route, blah blah.... and he could have just fetched me there himself in the first place cos it's very near my house and Pamela need not come all the way down to pick me up.. blah blah.. Just harmless old man grousing. Cheryl was in the car with my little sister and I was whatsapping them and we all were like "HAIYO! PAM!". 

So we met at Aramsa Spa and Pamela was apologizing profusely to her korkor.. LOL!

Pamela & my sister walked me to Aramsa and signed me in and paid for the treatment before leaving me in the good hands of the spa people and left to go and decorate the hotel room for me.

I was shown to the ladies where I have to change into a bathrobe and lock my stuff in the locker.

Disposable panties & shower caps!

Ice water for kitty! :)

I explored the shower rooms & sauna room too.. Really outdoorsy!

Beautiful garden walkway!

After changing, my spa therapist led me to the treatment room..

Pam chose the treatment for me so I don't know what to expect.. She's super cute cos she kept reminding them to be nice to me cos I'm getting married in 2 weeks time. Hahahaha!

There's a private garden in my room with an outdoor shower and bathtub! ^_^

Really relaxing and I enjoyed myself a lot!

Meanwhile, they have been busy decorating the hotel room!

Nat cut so many of these "feathers" and stick them all over the room! Soo much details! The theme was "peacock" but I didn't get the memo. LOL! Only my sister wore a peacock print top. The rest main wore blue/purple.

Look at all the food!!!! O_O

Potato Party. LOL!

Home made pastries! 

These are the only "dodgy" stuff they made for me cos I wanted a clean party. Joyce's brother made the cupcakes and Joyce made the penises. Damn funny lah!!! Hahahahahaha! And somehow I guessed at the first try that it was made by her and she was so indignant and yelled "HOW YOU KNOW???". 

Cos I am smart. Hahahhaha! And she had the cheeky smile on her face lah.

All my bridesmaids (except Santi who is in Batam) and Nathaniel, my bride attendant!

With my 2 future sister-in-laws!

Queen gang Joyce & Yaya! Old time friends from Poly!

I don't know what she was asking me to do.. LOL!

We tried on the bridesmaid dresses and Nat helped everyone tie beautiful patterns and designs cos it's a convertible dress. I wanted to get those bridesmaids gown but it's so hard to find one that everyone likes (I have 8 bridesmaids) and also their sizes are so different! So they voted on the colour and I bought these convertible dresses as they are sorta free size and they can wear it in whatever way they want. :)

Afterwards we played some games and had loads of fun! I love girly sessions like these! 

No alcohol and he's already high. Wahahaha!

Thank you darlings for putting so much effort, spending time & money for my Hen's party! Love you all!


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