Friday, September 27, 2013

Discharged from hospital!

[Pic taken on 24Sep when I went out to collect my ROM cert]

I can finally go home!!! YAY! I am waiting for my hospital discharge papers and for Le bf (soon to be Le Hubby after tomorrow! Woohoo!) to come and pick me up!

I took leave and planned to have a week before our wedding day to do last minute preparations and also to chill but ended up in the hospital. Really upset about it because I cannot retract my leave and change it to hospitalization leave (some MOM law + HR policy) which really suck big time because I used up all my remaining leave for my wedding and I hospitalized for half of it plus have hospitalization leave to cover the other half. Bahhh!!

So, the doctors did an MRI scan and found no tumours in my head but the headaches refused to go away so Dr Andrew Phua had to inject the nerve in my head again just now hoping it can numb the nerve and let me have a pain-free weekend for the wedding.

In fact, Dr Phua injected my head yesterday morning but the effect did not last more than 12hours (which he finds strange because it usually lasts 4-6days at least), so he had to do it again this morning. Usually the recommended waiting time between the injections is at least a week, but he said desperate times call for desperate measures since we can't postpone the wedding... so we are all praying the 2nd injections can last at least for the weekend.

So since I have some time now I'll post some updates cos there's nothing much to do in the hospital anyways.

Yesterday was awesome because I had so many visitors! Whee! My mum, sister, Joyce, Yaya & Welly!

My sister bought Cheese Fries from Popeyes for me! I don't know why I am having this crazy craving for Cheese Fries lately.. been asking Le bf to tabao it every night for me. Hahahaha! My mum just came back from Hokkaido and brought a big bag of tidbits with her.. I thought they were all for me, but they are for Mama Chew. Kua kua kua.... Hahahhahaa!

Well, at least she let me eat one Hokkaido corn which I shared with Le sis! :) It's really good! The flesh is white colour and it's best eaten raw! Really sweet and tastes like water chestnuts.

Joyce & Yaya bought dinner over (Subway) but decided to order Popeye's because they were still hungry! There's an outlet just across the street but lazy Queen Joyce decided to order delivery instead. I think the operator must be wondering which crazy patient from Mt Elizabeth Novena is ordering fried chicken so late at night! Hahahaha!

 Party time! Yayyy!!! Cheese fries!!! :)

 My darlings and me with my "pale & sickly look" :(

Thank you ladies for coming to accompany me and cheer me up! Especially Joyce who had to wake up at 4am the next day to go to work.. Super touched! 

 After Yaya & Joyce left at around 10pm, I turned off all the lights and got ready to sleep when suddenly at 10.30pm, my nurse knocked and said I have a surprise visitor.. I was wondering "Wah Lao!! So late! Who is that???" because all my visitors will usually whatsapp me before coming.. she turned on the lights and I saw Welly!! Whoopee!

I thought he's in Batam (he shuttles between Singapore and Batam for work) but he's here! Sneaky fellow did not tell me he's coming so he can surprise me! So sweet of him! And he bought me cakes!

Hello Kitty cakes! Wheee!!! :) Thank you Welly!

I have packed all my stuff (excited & mad anxious to leave so I can go and run my wedding errands!) and realized I've kept quite a collection of Crabtree & Evelyn bottles when I was here.. they will give me a new set everyday even if I can't finish the ones from the day before so these are the brand new ones that I am bringing home with me..

I'll post more updates tonight if I have the time! :) Byee!!

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